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January 22, 2013 - The January 22 session of the Photography Club was one many members looked forward to.  Dot Paolo from Rabbet Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ presented the group with information concerning framing and matting and showed us a ‘cheap’ way to mat our own photos.
She briefly covered frames and noted that we should always be on the lookout for bargains.  Don’t forget to look through flea markets and discount stores for art work that may not be to your taste BUT the frame’s a winner.  Also look at art/craft stores because they are always running sales and coupons.
New to me was the use of backer board or foam board and the different ways to mount photographs.  I especially liked the idea of using a hinge-type mount where the backer board is attached, at the top edge, to the mat.  The photo would sit in between and would be fixed with photo mounts similar to those used years and years ago in paper albums.  This makes it really easy to remove/replace photos according to your mood.
An interesting comment was made concerning photographs and artist’s signatures.  It was noted that many or most photographers sign their works on the back.  However, she found that most people, when purchasing a photograph, like to have the signature on the front where it can be seen.  She preferred the signature on the photo as opposed to putting in on the mat and got around this by printing photos with a boarder that was visible before the mat edge began.  Additionally, that edge was slightly larger at the bottom of the photos as opposed to the sides and top so it could accommodate a signature and date.
The real fun began when we got to see an actual mat cut with a Dexter Mat Cutter.  Dot used a straightedge that was clamped to the table.  Under this was a board to protect the table surface.  The mat was marked, on the back, with the cutting lines and these lines intersected at each corner.  In her instructions she noted that you should always work with the opening to your right.  The mat is placed between the straightedge and the cutting board with the first cutting line along the straightedge enough distance away so that the mat cutter butts up against the straightedge and the blade is on the drawn line.  This way you can guide the cutter along the straightedge.  Cut each line and, at each corner, cut slightly past making a small cross cut.  This way, the piece of mat that comes out of the center will come out clean.  The cross cuts basically disappear when the mat is pressed up against the glass in the frame.
If you want your mat to last and retain it's white color, use rag board.  You also have a choice of what you want to use to  protect your or plexiglass.  There are pros and cons to both but most people said they'd prefer glass.
In summary, it was a great session.  And you can guess, I'm now on the lookout for a good price on a Dexter Mat Cutter!

October 2, 2012 - Another session with Dot Paolo.  She introduced the pin-hole camera...simply amazing!  We also had the opportunity to bring in photos for her to critique and show us what could be done with photoshop to improve the shot.

August 16, 2012 - A session with Dot Paolo, a local photographer and gallery owner, who reviewed key features of the camera as an intro for novice photographers and a review for seasoned members.   ISO, aperature & shutter priority and white balance were discussed.  Additionally some discussion focused on Photoshop.

July 19, 2012 - A lunch n' learn session with Madelaine Shellaby ( ...a real eye-opener into different art forms and what can be done with photography.

July 10, 2012 - Self-portrait shots, not being my favorite, I waited until the last minute and ended up doing a shadow shot.  One other participant had a similar shot so I was not alone.  Many of the members who did manage to get their selfies done submitted some really unique shots.  There were yoga poses, photos that included hobbies, and shots taken in public places.  The meeting ended with a slide show of famous self-portrait photos that included Diane Arbus, Annie Liebovitz, Francesca Woodman, Richard Avedon, Sarah Moon, Ansel Adams (a shadow self-portrait!), and, of course, Andy Warhol along with about 10 other famous photographers.  I really need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to self-portraits!

April 12, 2012 - First organizational meeting of the photography club.  Our first assignment:  a self-portrait...oh no!

January 1, 2013...About a year ago I posted some information about a photo contest/exhibit I had entered through my office (see Photo Exhibit page).  Following that exhibit, I put a feeler out to co-workers to see if there was any genuine interest in a photography club and results were positive.  When I approached management in our art/contributions department and asked if a photography club could be organized, it was met with great enthusiasm.  Over 50 people registered when the invitation was circulated.  During the past 8 months or so, we have met about 4 times.  My plan, for this page, is to report or post updates on what is going on with the group and how we are progressing.  Please stay tuned as I pull my past notes together and look forward to our next meeting.

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