About Me

I once classified myself as an amateur but I met a photographer who noted there are no amateurs, just photographers at different points in their careers.  So instead of amateur, I will describe myself as a photographer who is on the road to learning as much as possible with a passion and zeal for the craft.

Right now I try to make as much time available as I can to photograph.  Time is something I do not have enough of.  After work and caring for family, there is little left.  But, one day, I will devote much more.
And one day I hope to be able to see, feel, and experience more.  I’ve traveled very little with only vacations to the Dominican Republic and Mexico noted on my passport and there have been trips to Las Vegas, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Canada.  But you don’t need to travel far and wide to photograph; you can find endless subject matter right in your own ‘backyard.’  And that’s what I will tackle at this point in time.

So here I am…someone who is sometimes way to serious but is working at finding the humor, who is trying to learn and experience something new everyday, who is learning to see a whole new world through a viewfinder, who aspires to be better.
And when all things fall into place and I become the best I can be, it will be kismet.  That journey, getting to that point, is the ultimate joy!