Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Dear 2013,
In all honesty, I am not sorry to see you go.  You've been unkind to many people I know and my year hasn't been a bed of roses either.  Yes, I know, your sibling 2012 was, in many instances, worse with Sandy and all that.  But I believe that was just the 'set up' for what you had in store.  Your wrath was spread out over the entire year with lows that were so deep I often wondered if humankind would make it to the end.

Well, we made it..so there!  Despite the deaths, illnesses, job loss, lack of funds, and God only knows what else, we made it.  I don't know where you're headed but I will welcome your new version with open arms in anticipation of brighter days and softer nights.

Finito!  Terminado!  Fini!  Fatto!  Finished!

One year marches out while another marches in.

Dear 2014,
You're brand new and shiny and I'm sure you'd love to stay that way.  Right?  Well, here's a little advice early in the game...be kind, be gentle, have mercy, take care of us.  The past 365 haven't been easy and we need a break.  We need you to lighten the load.  After all, wouldn't it be wonderful to hear us all say on December 31, 2014 that you were a very good year?

Thanks for listening and I sure hope you were paying attention to me and not that glass of champagne.

See you around and I hope you're smiling!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's the holiday season!

Well, even though it's in the 20s outside and nature's photo ops are a little limited, I managed to grab some shots of some holiday goodies around the house.  I've been diligently practicing with my Lensbaby and it has really tested my manual focusing ability.  Since I no longer have the eyesight of my youth, I swapped out the diopter on my camera for a -2 diopter and, I think/hope, it's given me more exact results.

A box of Godiva chocolates from Belgium.

Coconut Twists ready to go into the oven.

Star Light, Star Bright...one of my mother's old ornaments...precious to me.

This year life's events have grabbed most free moments so every opportunity I've had to hold my camera has been precious.  I'm so hoping for more photo time in 2015!
May you find peace, joy, and love during this holiday season
and in the coming new year!!!