Saturday, November 16, 2013


Do you remember that 1980s sci-fi movie?  I barely do but, every time I scan something, the title of that flick comes to mind.  Maybe I'll actually watch it again one day.

So today I installed a new scanner (thus the 'scanners' inference).  I haven't had a scanner in ages but, after reading the reviews for this model (Epson Perfection V550) and noting it was on sale at B&H, I decided to make a purchase.  I was also influenced by the two boxes of slides I found in my mom's attic.  This machine is supposed to do a great job of scanning photos, negatives, and slides and I'm seeing a scanning project in my future...probably on one of those days following a major snow storm, the office is closed, and the roads are impassible.  You know...a typical winter day in central New Jersey.

So here is my very first scan.  This photo was taken way way back in ancient times when I shot film and had very little knowledge of f stops, shutter speeds, exposure, and composition; let alone how to hold a camera...evidence the tilted horizon.  I chose this photo because it was the first photo I had submitted to my company's photo contest and, yes, it won.  At the time I recall we had to mat each photo submitted and I really had a hard time straightening out the horizon so it would still fit within the 5 x 7 mat.  Today, all entries must be framed and under glass.  Take a look....

And here is the scan, edited in Lightroom 5... without a lot of data and Lightroom 5 knowledge (much to my dismay), it was difficult to make any significant changes but I did finally get that horizon straightened out...

Call me crazy but the original is near and dear to my heart.


  1. Gorgeous image -- congrats on the new scanner!

  2. Beautiful image, and great edit - I love straight horizons!

  3. You had a photo talent way back then, even if horizon wasn't straight......the contest saw the talent....beautiful

  4. Congrats on the scanner... mine will do some of that, but it's a very, very, very rainy day project! Love that winning shot!

  5. Beautiful images my dear! Just so you know...I retired my constantly evolving blog! Hope to see you in my new space... Http:// Xoxo

  6. This is great! I look forward to seeing more of your scans! I wish I had a really good scanner -- I've been taking my negatives to a photo shop to have them scanned, which gets a bit pricey.

    And I do remember the movie Scanners, though I'm not sure I ever saw it. I might just remember the ads. Didn't people's heads explode or something?

  7. The photo looks great, Helene! No wonder you won the contest. Thanks to your new scanner, you were able to revive and make some changes to this photo. And I’m sure you will have more artworks like this. Can't wait to see more!

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

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