Friday, November 1, 2013

After the fall...

there is winter so I thought I should post the following before nature's stained glass disappears.  Just as every season seems to fly by, fall will be a memory and all those beautiful colors will turn to brown and then get trampled and raked and gathered for the compost pile or the yard clippings pickup.  That is the part of fall I dislike...that period at the end when the colors are almost gone and you know that you will soon be surrounded by shades of white and gray.  You can smell and feel the change; just like the change of every season.  You know that moment when you first step outside in the morning and something is different.  You are alerted; like to an animal being alerted to danger.

I so wish the fall...the beautiful, colorful, crisp part...would stay with us so much longer.  It is so full of my favorite colors and temperatures; I will try to hold onto it as long as I can.

 Enjoy nature's stained glass.
I don't believe Tiffany has ever been able to match her beauty.


  1. You described fall perfectly! The beauty cannot be matched

  2. What you've caught in the photos is the texture of the leaves. Beautiful.

  3. I think RIchard is right -- the color is nice, but the texture is remarkable.

  4. These are wonderful Helene -- the bronze color is one you don't notice so much with all of the others vying for attention. xo

  5. Don't we wish the colors of fall would last longer??? Loved your expression 'nature's stained glass.'


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