Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

I took these shots last night at our town's fireworks display.  This was my first attempt at shooting fireworks and it was great fun.  I followed instructions I read beforehand almost to the letter...used a tripod, focused on infinity (for starters), camera set on manual with aperture on bulb and shutter at anywhere from 8 - 16, and used a remote release (until the battery died).  The only problem was picking my spot since I was at a house party...I really need to speak to someone about cutting down that tree...LOL

Click on each to view larger.  The last shot is a composite of 3 photos sandwiched together and edited in Nik Software.
Happy 4th of July...hope it is glorious wherever you are!


  1. You did a superb job. I like them all, but I particularly like the 3rd one down. Looks like an abstract painting of sea anemones; it's a real work of art.

  2. You did great! So nice to see a new post from you. xo

  3. Ooooh! Beautiful! You did a wonderful job! So nice to have a chance to see what you saw. And great to see another post from you.

  4. Awesome shots! Richard's right. They look like some cool sea creatures.

  5. ¡Estupendas imágenes!Con tu permiso me quedo por aquí. Saludos desde Granada.


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