Saturday, June 8, 2013

The garden at dusk...

and before the rain...
(click on photos for larger images)

Clematis center...on the way out.
Wild flowers or weeds?
Azaleas - thriving in the shade.
Clematis...totally spent but still interesting.
Mountain Laurel glows as the sun sets.

Budding Foxglove...a bi-annual.

I hope there is something left after the rain stops!
Be safe and stay dry!


  1. Nice! Sometimes the distinction between wildflowers and weeds is pretty subjective, isn't it?!

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  3. Flowers are not the easiest things to photograph, but you've done a good job with these. I like them all, particularly the fourth one down.

  4. Wonderful, Helene. The Clematis is beautiful in bloom and when done.

  5. Beautiful shots Helene! The top clematis is my fav.

  6. Hey you! Nice to see you girl.

    These are lovely.

    It's rainy here again today. *sigh*

  7. beautiful focal points on these

  8. what a beautiful collection of photos!

  9. Excelentes macros, muy bien logradas, las flores son muy bellas y apasionantes para fotografiar, un cordial saludo, Rodisi


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