Sunday, May 12, 2013

Can you smell them?

My boomerang lilacs were the first flowers to make an appearance in my garden this season.  The clematis is starting to burst and the leaves of the lilies are standing at attention.  Sadly, the azaleas in the front yard are looking pretty weak but the fragrance of the lilacs makes up for the sad state of the azaleas.

Oh, I wish you could smell them.

The beauty of boomerang lilacs is that they will repeatedly bloom throughout the season.  You can cut them back to a point and they will shoot off more flowers.  It's a beautiful thing!
At the kitchen window.
Lilacs often remind me of old English gardens.  They just seem to have a gracefulness about them and their fragrance reminds me of prim and proper London ladies...thus the 'aged' edit below.

Hoping you're enjoying your gardens as we work our way through spring.