Friday, April 5, 2013

Orchids in the office...

It's a well-know fact among family and friends that my green thumb is not always a true green but rather has some shades of brown mixed in.  So, when the orchid I have in my office decides to bloom in all it's glory, it's a real 'occasion' and time to find the camera among all the current clutter in my house.

This is the third time it has graced us with flowers in four years.  Each time I've photographed it, I've gotten different results and, up until now, I have been less than satisfied .  Perhaps it's because this plant has such an unusual shade of bloom but this time I played with some HDR and I believe I'm finally happy with what came out of the camera.

Here's to a wonderful weekend full of beautiful things!


  1. Orchids are gorgeous anyway but you captured a beautiful photo of them. I have shades of brown in my thumb too

  2. I like the first and third best. The middle one is a bit blah. The other two are sinuous. But if I had to choose one, it would be the third, because it has great atmosphere, entering the world of the sublime.

  3. I like your orchids because the hue is so different from the pink or white that I normally see offered at the store. I have one Phalaenopsis orchid that should bloom again soon (it's been over a year since it last bloomed and hopefully I'll remember to water it this weekend!) and I hope to capture as well as you did with yours.
    I like the first one the best!
    Wishing you a lovely rest of your day and weekend.

  4. That IS an unusual color of orchid. Beautiful! I like your depth-of-field, which gives us some "bokeh" but also puts enough of the flower in focus that we can really see it.

  5. You have certainly captured some wonderful photos this time Helene, such a beautiful orchid.

  6. Lovely - nice color! I love orchids. It's nice to see these blooms up close. I have a bunch of cymbidiums that are surviving on benign neglect, a phal that is happy to not rebloom, and an odontoglossidium (?) that will rebloom but wants more attention than I'm giving it.

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  8. i love orchids! and these shots are just beautiful!

  9. Orchids are such amazing flowers. Your photos are beautiful and I think I should stop at Trader Joe's this weekend to buy one for myself.


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