Saturday, April 13, 2013

I wish...

A conversation with my mom…
You know, I had a shower today.
You did?!
That tall lady over there helped me. She was so nice.
That's great!  (High five)
When she asked me, I told her no but she said it would be OK.
Well, what did you think?
It was wonderful!  The water was so warm and it felt so good.
Well mom, now you know why your kids spent so much time in the shower.
Many of you might think this conversation odd, unusual, or strange. After all, who has not taken a shower? This was my mother’s first. When you grow up during the war and Depression and your father has died at a young age and there are four girls to raise in a two-bedroom apartment with one bath and no shower, you make do. And, often when you are brought up in those conditions, you hold onto your habits because the circumstances have been embedded in your mind, body, and soul.
I recall the many visits with my aunts (my mother’s sisters) to the last apartment where she and her sisters lived. There was a claw-foot tub and often, if you weren’t first in line, you had to heat the bath water on the stove. Believe me, it wasn’t that bad and they made it fun.
I wish I had that claw-foot tub today.  I wish…I wish…
An old punch bowl sits atop an antique
dresser in the attic of my
mom's home.


  1. Occasionally, I like to take a hot soaking bath in the bathtub. It's relaxing. Time stands still. I should do it more often.

  2. Nice post! :-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  3. What a wonderful post this is, and I love the photograph.

  4. That was nice Helene. I wish that I could talk to my mom today! Diana Reynolds

  5. How nicely that shot conveys a mood! I love those big old clawfoot tubs. I had one in an early shared apartment but I think I always showered. Over the years I discovered they don't make tubs like they used to; some were positively barbaric they were so uncomfortable. And I so missed a nice soak! We found an ideal soaking tub for our current house: big, deep, perfectly shaped. Heaven with bubbles!

  6. Odd the first we experience isn't it?? I flew for the first time in 2000 at the age of 50... a bit odd in this day and age too... I've flown twice since... I'm not a flier, I pray a lot, 'Lord please don't let them touch any switches they shouldn't and touch everything they should!' xo (PS my surgery check in is at 05:30 and surgery at 07:30)...

  7. My grandmother never took a shower, as far as I know. She was a bath person. And we were forbidden from taking showers at her house because she thought they'd make too much of a mess!

  8. With four girls in our household, my father would stand outside the bathroom door while we took a shower and yell when it was time to turn off the water. I think we got all of 5 minutes each. :)

  9. The image and words are the observation of an artist. Thanks for sharing. It brought tears to my eyes.

  10. a sweet memory .... those old tubs were gloriously deep and beautiful ...

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  12. Beautiful perspective and wonderful lighting in this photo - love it!


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