Monday, April 22, 2013

Borgata Glass...

(Click on and enlarge the photos to get a better view)

Well, my camera hasn't seen the light of day in what seems to be forever.  Between work, finalizing my mom's issues, dealing with doctors and aids and then there's the sewer pipe that decided to drip all over the basement floor this weekend and the tire that declared it needed more pressure when I pulled into the parking deck this morning...well, you get the picture.

I can't recall when I had a day when I went straight from the office to home, had dinner at a reasonable hour, got in bed before the grandfather clock struck 11 and was able to enjoy a good book without my mind wandering off to the pressing issues of the day.

A dear friend has offered me an overnight stay at one the casinos in Atlantic City.  You know I'm not a gambler but you can be sure I'll be taking her up on this offer.  I'm a sucker for a hot tub and a great buffet.  And I know a buffet is one of the worst places to eat if you're trying to be in control but, I NEED THIS NIGHT!

Anyway, thinking about getting away I came across these shots from our A.C. excursion last fall and decided to investigate who the artist was that created this unusual glass work at The Borgata.  Maybe I'm living under a rock but this is the first time I've heard of Dale Chihuly.  I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did.  For me, there was a big Ooooooo and Ahhhhhhh factor here.


  1. Oh, Dale Chihuly! He is actually quite famous. Really amazing work. Some of his glass works were installed at the New York Botanical Garden several years ago and I went to see them -- great stuff.

    You know, I never went to Atlantic City, in all the time I lived in New York and New Jersey. Kind of a shame, isn't it?!

  2. Helene, those are beautiful! I've never been to Atlantic City either! I know, I should go.

  3. He's a pretty incredible artist. I've never been to Atlantic City.

  4. Chihuly is enormously talented ... havent been to AC in eons ... and i do desperately need a get-away ...

  5. Yeah, Chihuly's work is pretty amazing. It's featured in Vegas, too, at the Bellagio. And the Atlantis casinos. Hmmm, this must seem like I visit casinos a lot, but I really don't!.
    In Vegas, outside of the casino, there was an exhibit of some of his non-glass art and it, too, is really amazing.

  6. Chihuly is a Pacific Northwest Native and has a museum in Tacoma. His work is in a lot of places. Isn't it amazing?

    Enjoy your getaway - you've definitely earned some leisure. I can think of nothing better than soaking (repeatedly) in hot water, having someone else make the bed, eating someone else's cooking, and leaving dirty dishes behind. If you're bushed enough it barely matters where you are!

  7. Beautiful, Helene! I hope you enjoy(ed) your get-away, it sounds like you really needed one.

  8. I think he has a studio in Omaha. Beautiful!

  9. I hope you took your friend up on the overnight... you need to recharge! Thank you for coming by and leaving me notes... SO appreciated! I finally was able to start walking 'the house' today, I'm not comfortable going outside yet, so I just walk from one end of the house to the other. the pneumonia seems to be getting better now...

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  12. he and harvey littleton have degrees from uw-madison. and i'll be taking glass here next fall, which i'm pretty excited about! there was a good documentary about him on pbs maybe 6-8 years ago already that you may be able to find on netflix (or simliar) if you're interested to learn more. :)


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