Friday, March 22, 2013

Losing my marbles...

At the age of 96, mother has moved on to a care center. Yes, I know it’s a nursing home but I refuse to refer to it as such. She has lots of adjustments to make but, somehow, I never considered how much it would affect everyone else.   So….I won’t be posting much in the upcoming weeks…maybe a photo here and there with a short description but, right now, I think my brain in just about fried and I can think of nothing else but getting done what needs to be done in order to make this transition as easy as possible.
A bag of marbles found tucked in a dresser drawer at my mom's house.  I suspect my aunt entertained
my son some 30 years ago with these.  I will keep them for him...they will touch his heart
and bring back good memories.
Looking over the last two weeks…
  • I have filled out financial forms about six times, repeating the same information over and over.
  • I have been up until 2 AM printing out 5 years worth of bank statements for review by Medicaid.
  • I have preplanned a funeral, not because I wanted to but because Medicaid required it.
  • I have met with a hospital social worker.
  • I have met with the administrators of the care center (who are angels in disguise).
  • I have met with the financial department of the care center (and I am still in shock).
  • I have spoken to more speech therapists, physical therapists, aids, nurses, doctors, visiting nurses then I have family members.
  • I have packed what seems to feel like several tons of clothes for recycle, yard sales, and washing and I'm still not done.
  • I have visited the care center almost everyday, hoping and praying this transition will go smoothly (and then the staff told me to cut back).
  • I have forwarded all the mail.
  • I have met with a realtor and signed a ton of paperwork.
  • I have met with the attorney.
  • I have called the oil company.
  • I have stopped the milk delivery.  And of all the things I have done, this was by far the hardest and the only one I cried over.
Yes, I am losing my marbles.
My blog posts have never been as frequent as I would have liked.  Life has too often gotten in the way.  Going forward, after all the dust has settled and all the paperwork has been sorted and filed, I will hopefully resurrect the creative gene, however creative that might be.  In the meantime, I'll be watching all the wonderful blogs I follow and trying to post a photo here and there and hope my followers hang in with me.  After all, this blog thing has been keeping me sane and going for some time now.
Hugs!  Peace!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

15 Minutes...

I recently read an article written by Darren Rowse of the Digital Photography School (on-line) concerning an exercise you can do to improve your photography.  I've become more of a technical person lately and that's not always a good thing.  It's taken me away from the actual joy of photographing and actually looking and seeing what is around me.

So, following the author's instructions, I sat for 10 minutes in my kitchen, took a good look at my location, gave consideration to the light in the room, paid attention to how the setting made me feel, and noticed any details.  The next 5 minutes were spent photographing.  I cheated and spent 10.

Here is what I came away with...
750 ml
Last call.

Closing time.

Luckily there was this beautiful empty green wine bottle sitting on the window sill waiting to be put into the recycle bin.  If not for that, it would have been pots, pans, and dirty dishes.  Do you have any tricks to improve your craft?

Now I'm off to clean the kitchen floor!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Are you...


The word 'contentment' popped up on my calendar last Friday.  It's not a word I hear much but seeing it certainly made me pause and think about my state of contentment.

Years ago I remember the word 'contented' being used to describe cows but, for the life of me, could not remember in what context.  Sooooo a Google search was in order...contented cows give better milk, there's a bar called The Contented Cow in Northfield, MN, and it was the Carnation company from which I first heard the term 'contented cow.'  Thank you Google!

October 2011
Lawrence Brook - Davidson's Mill Pond to Farrington Lake, South Brunswick, NJ
(Davidson's Mill Road at Riva Avenue, East Brunswick/South Brunswick border)

So, are you content?  I believe I am.  Some days I'm more content than others but, for the most part, I'd consider myself content.  The calendar page says to sit down and say the word and see what just might have a physical response.  OK, ready?  Say the word.  Feel anything?  Pretty powerful for a word you don't hear much.