Sunday, February 3, 2013

To sleep or not to sleep...

(A Weekly Top Shot entry)

I've never been a great least I can't ever remember getting really great sleep over a long period of time.  Sure, there have been those occasional nights when I've drifted off and not gotten up during the night to lay there in the dark with my mind racing.  Those sleep-filled nights are a precious few.  And as far as those other nights go, they are pretty much the norm any more.

It's 2 AM and then it's 2:45 AM and then it 3:30 AM and, when the numbers on the clock flip over and it's 4 AM and I haven't found that comfortable spot where my mind is free of all worry and concern, I know it's a done deal.  It's decision time.  Do I lay here listening to the sounds this old house makes?  You know those sounds and, in the dark early morning hours, those sounds always sound like something they are not.  Do I get up into the chilled air, turning on lights as I make my way through the house?  And then what?

I know people who are up at all hours doing wash, cleaning, writing out bills, exercising and then they get their act together and come into work.  I've thought about altering my routine...getting to bed before 9 PM so I can get up and get those necessary things done in the wee hours.  I'm not sure but that just doesn't seem to appeal to me.  Last week, when I found myself up at 4 AM, I went to the computer and caught up on some blogs.  That appeals to me.

Maybe I can ease into a new routine.  Gradually changing the alarm setting on the clock and adjusting when the furnace goes on and off might encourage this being to alter her inner clock.  Until then, when sleep does not come, I'll probably find myself writing blog comments or checking out the latest entries at 4:30 AM OR just staring up at the cracks in the ceiling pondering that sleep or not to sleep.

Orange Dahlia (I think)
Courtesy of The Master Gardeners
Davidson's Mill Pond Park, South Brunswick, NJ


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  2. I suffer from sleep apnea. I have no problem sleeping through the night, but the quality of sleep is questionable. I wake up many times during the night, but I fall right back to sleep. Insomnia is not a problem for me, thank goodness. But I often wake up feeling quite tired. I get up and go anyway.

    1. I'm thinking a sound machine may be the answer for me. Just hope the rain forest, waterfall, and ocean sounds don't have side effects...LOL

  3. How well I can relate to those sleepless nights. It's usually 3AM when I wake up with thoughts rudely barging in that I do not want to deal with! We have a sound machine and keep the ceiling fan going to drown out strange house noises, but it hasn't worked. I wish you luck. Love the composition and color of your flower. Visiting from WTS.

  4. I had this problem for a while. I found ear plugs, the total silence are very helpful if you can shut off the chatter in your head. I now read until the words put me to sleep. If one has the freedom to adjust their work and sleep patterns to fit their inner clock, that is a luxury. Lovely minimalist photo.

  5. perchance to dream of great blog posts!

    Sending YOU Aloha
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  6. Darn, Cloudia took my line "perchange to dream"! :) They say that you should not look at the clock when you wake up in the middle of the night. That way your body doesn't know what time it is. Somehow that's supposed to help you get back to sleep. I have the same trouble sleeping. I call it the three and four o'clock's.

    We all need some orange in the middle of winter!

  7. love the POV of that shot .. i wake every morning of my life at 4 a.m. ... i lay there and think 'i can sleep another 90 min' and do .. other nights i lie awake or toss turn glancing at the clock calculating how long til i decide to get up because i can't sleep and then i guess i do fall asleep because at 4 i awake ... i go to bed at 10 almost every night because i get up at 5:30 ... weekends i wake and then curl up and ignore the clock, the sun through the window and mostly the cats crying out for breakfast ...

  8. Ah yes, to sleep or not to sleep, that is always a big question! I go through the same thing. When I was younger, sleep was blessed, flop into bed, conk out never to flutter an eyelid until the alarm clock jars you awake. Where did those days go anyway?? Often too when I wake up in the middle of the night, my inner voice goes, it's 1:30, you only have 3 hours to sleep, it's now 3:45 you only have 45 minutes left.. the later it gets, the less likely I'll return to sleep, ever... aarrrgh! Love the dahlia... Thanks for being faithful to come share on WTS!

  9. As we age it seems our ability to get a good night's sleep becomes elusive.

    Your image is gorgeous -- a bright orange is just what I needed this morning! xo

  10. I hope your new schedule helps you get some is a nightly battle for me too.

  11. It looks like you've touched a chord with most of us. I've felt that ominous switch in the middle of the night when my brain has come on. It's all over but the tossing and turning. Sometimes warm milk or chamomile tea has worked, or an hour or two of reading. Most recently it's been impossible to get to sleep in the first place. I discovered that SAD (the lack of full spectrum light in the winter) can reset and disrupt sleep hours. So far sitting in front of my new "happy light" seems to help, somewhat. I envy those people who can flop down on a bed and be sound asleep in no time. Beautiful dahlia!

  12. Yes, I sometimes find it hard to fall asleep. I do wear earplugs and eye shades and they definitely help. Also, no visible clock in the room to tell me what time it is. I learned that closing one's eyes, even if you don't fall completely asleep is better that a wide eyed stare at the clock.
    I started doing yoga, and at the end of the class, the instructor often takes us through a relaxation segment. If I can't sleep now, I'll run that segment thru my head and often enough it does the trick.
    I am also one of those folks who, at least 3 times a week, gets up at 4:40 - to exercise. It is a great way to start the day and I am always in for a great night's sleep the coming night.
    I love the petals of that dahlia - a nice composition.


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