Thursday, February 28, 2013

As high as an elephant's eye...

(a Rurality Blog Hop entry)

While looking through some old photos to post on my tumblr blog, I came across the following taken at Davidson's Mill Pond Park.  I couldn't help think of that song by Rogers and Hammerstein 'Oh, What a Beautiful Morning' from Oklahoma!

As high as an elephant's eye...
I'm not sure whom I like better singing that song...Gordon MacRae or Hugh Jackman.
Either way, hope your morning is or was beautiful!

Note:  Long version containing several songs.

Note:  Stage version.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A milestone...

(A Weekly Top Shot Entry)

100 (oops! now 101!) followers!  Over two years ago I started this blog at the suggestion of one of the execs. in the office who liked my photos.  I had no expectations, no goals, no preconceived notions about this medium.  I just thought it would be a really cool way to get my photos out there, to see what people thought, to learn something new.  Two years has flown by and, whenever there has been a major event in my life or a significant milestone or a strange occurrence, I usually take stock and think about what has transpired and what I've learned...if anything.

So, here goes.  The ten things I've learned through far...

People are supportive.
There is kindness in this world.
Sometimes you need to grow a thick skin.
We don't necessarily need to speak the same language to understand each other.
Think twice before corresponding with 'Annonymous.'
I can redecorate my bedroom for about $100.
Someday I want to visit Washington and Nebraska.
Reconsider before you add music to your blog.
Sometimes less really is more.
Classical music does inspire...
just like all the followers and all the comments and all the personal messages.
I appreciate every one of them!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meet me in New Orleans

(A Weekly Top Shop Entry)

A co-worker displays an absolutely beautiful arrangement every year around Mardi Gras.  This year I managed to take several photos.

This display hangs off a wall in an alcove so there is not much available light.  I have never had any success with a flash whether it be the horrible camera pop-up flash or a hot-shoe mounted unit.  I suspect I need to put some serious study time into my flash manual.  But, in the meantime, I used this handy-dandy Lightscoop that was recommended in one of the blogs I follow...Thanks Kate! (Chronicles of a Country Girl)   I'm still experimenting with this new toy but, so far, it's a great little unit I've added to my camera bag.

Oh, wouldn't it be exciting to photograph the real thing!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Waging the war...

Will we humans ever win the battle against the common cold?  Do the pharm companies have a cure and they are just not telling us?  Is this actually a cold or is it allergies?  I don't have the answers; I only know I've been on the front line for two weeks, armed with heavy artillery and, once again, I have lost.

I'm going to blame it on Nemo and the fact that I shoveled my property twice and my mom's once.  I felt absolutely great afterwards and then, about 24 hours later, I hit the wall...chills, congestion, aches.  It wouldn't be so bad if you could at least sleep but I've surrendered to some nighttime cold meds so that should do the trick.

On the bright least it's not the flu!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Time to leave...

Last Saturday morning I spent some time with my camera at Davidson's Mill Pond Park.  It was bitter cold and the wind off the pond was constant.  I have these neato fleece gloves (texting gloves) where the tips of the thumb and pointer fingers fold back so you can more easily work the dials and buttons on your camera.  Well, they were useless because I could no longer feel my fingers after about 10 minutes.  I did get back in the car twice to warm up and I persevered.  I was on a mission...I needed material for my blogs, I wanted to practice some HDR photography, and I wanted to clear my head.  The latter being the most important.

Shades of gray and brown.
The branches of the trees reached towards the sky like bolts of lace fabric unfolding in the wind.  The ice along the shoreline was like fine layers of glass, repeatedly broken and frozen over.  It was so silent and the air was crystal clear.  It was beautiful...proof once more that many things look so different through a viewfinder.

And then two gun shots rang out.  Someone was hunting where they shouldn't be.  It was time to leave.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

To sleep or not to sleep...

(A Weekly Top Shot entry)

I've never been a great least I can't ever remember getting really great sleep over a long period of time.  Sure, there have been those occasional nights when I've drifted off and not gotten up during the night to lay there in the dark with my mind racing.  Those sleep-filled nights are a precious few.  And as far as those other nights go, they are pretty much the norm any more.

It's 2 AM and then it's 2:45 AM and then it 3:30 AM and, when the numbers on the clock flip over and it's 4 AM and I haven't found that comfortable spot where my mind is free of all worry and concern, I know it's a done deal.  It's decision time.  Do I lay here listening to the sounds this old house makes?  You know those sounds and, in the dark early morning hours, those sounds always sound like something they are not.  Do I get up into the chilled air, turning on lights as I make my way through the house?  And then what?

I know people who are up at all hours doing wash, cleaning, writing out bills, exercising and then they get their act together and come into work.  I've thought about altering my routine...getting to bed before 9 PM so I can get up and get those necessary things done in the wee hours.  I'm not sure but that just doesn't seem to appeal to me.  Last week, when I found myself up at 4 AM, I went to the computer and caught up on some blogs.  That appeals to me.

Maybe I can ease into a new routine.  Gradually changing the alarm setting on the clock and adjusting when the furnace goes on and off might encourage this being to alter her inner clock.  Until then, when sleep does not come, I'll probably find myself writing blog comments or checking out the latest entries at 4:30 AM OR just staring up at the cracks in the ceiling pondering that sleep or not to sleep.

Orange Dahlia (I think)
Courtesy of The Master Gardeners
Davidson's Mill Pond Park, South Brunswick, NJ