Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Pull Up Tree

I have been notorious over the years for extremely large Christmas trees...trees that require me to move furniture out of the room and, at one point, out of the house; trees that prevented you from easily getting into the living room; trees that, once decorated, could not be moved and had to be placed on plywood and slid across the carpeting.  But everyone has got 'tree stories.'  I have many friends who no longer put up a Christmas tree and some who are getting their very first tree.

My attitude is...as long as I can get around, I'm going to have a tree.  However, I realized last year that I could no longer safely handle the 7 1/2 foot tree stored in the attic.  Getting it down from the attic took five trips and that did not include the decorations.  And then there was the two step stools and ladder from the basement needed to decorate it.  The whole process took me 2 to 3 days.

So this year I've made a change.  You might say I'm cheating...it's really not a tree.  But, I couldn't resist the ease of this thing - it took 10 minutes to put up.  I didn't have to move furniture out of the room and it came decorated.  I did add my favorite brass star for the top and some additional special ornaments and balls but the lights were already there and most ornaments.

And when the holiday is over, the tree will come down with the decorations attached, the pole it hangs on will come apart in two pieces and put in the box with the stand and it will all fit under a bed or in the back hallway.  Yes, Martha Stewart would probably cringe but I'm thinking...it's a good thing.

Happy decorating!


  1. Beautiful tree! Ours took almost 3 hours to put up - quite a pain. But I love the feeling of a gigantic tree in the room. Pretty soon though, I'll be ready to downgrade. Great pictures - very warm. I love the photo of the poinsettia.


  2. I still decorate a tree (artificial now for about 10 years)... sometimes I'd like to downsize a bit, as I do most all the work...

  3. Did you wear your pajama jeans when you put up your pull-up tree? Lol. Just kidding... I don't even put up a tree, real or artificial. xo

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  5. This certainly looks good to me! And you've done a nice job shooting it, too.

    Some years ago after I spearheaded an educational tree planting project I decided I just couldn't bring a tree into the house and watch it die. I got a smallish fake tree that I've dutifully reassembled most years, then covered with ornaments I've lovingly acquired for ages. Though I've pulled out all the accompanying Santas and reindeers so far the tree is still up in the rafters. . .it - and I - may take a rest this year.

  6. Helene, whatever works for you and makes you happy! It's a pretty little tree! I especially like the close-up of the ornament. We still decorate a live tree every year but we can't one that too big since our ceilings are only 8-feet. Sigh. :)

  7. So gorgeous chrismas tree....
    Best regards from Paris,


  8. Well, it is a beautiful tree and hey, if it makes your life easier, I'm all for that! We have an "easy tree" that goes in my son's room. Easy set up means more time spent enjoying the holidays.


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