Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shell game...

I recall, as a child, collecting shells on the beach. It was the ‘thing to do’ when you went ‘down the shore.’ For some reason I remember buckets of shells, not handfuls. And these shells were large and visible in the sand. And we used to paint them with rainbow colors…how wonderful that was!

There were times when the beach was so littered with shells, you had to hop and skip over areas to get to the water. This year I actually had trouble finding any shells; let alone shells of a respectable size. Why is that? Was it because I couldn’t see them? Yes, the eyesight is not what it was at the age of 10. Was it the location? It’s the Jersey shore! Was it my timing? I’ve looked it up online and it seems I’m not the only one who can’t figure this out but then there’s that CNN article listing the top 10 beaches for shelling; albeit from 2007.

And what about those wonderful stones that Diane Keaton collected in the movie ‘Something’s Gotta Give?’ Hmmmm, they had to be ‘planted’ there but I sure would like to have a jar of them…and one black one, of course.

 I do so hope the tide turns so we can fill a bucket and paint again!

She sells seashells by the seashore.


  1. These are beautiful, Helene.
    I too remember collecting shells as a child.
    It was the best thing about going to the beach.

  2. I love seashells...finding on the beaches are like a treasure hunt

  3. Very pretty! Collecting shells never gets old.

  4. oh so pretty ... glad you got the macro out

  5. Lovely shots! I like that they're on glass, another form of sand.

    My favorites were sand dollars, those most fragile pieces of beach treasure. I still can't walk a beach without searching. . .stones, shells, anything to collect.

  6. Lovely Helene! I like the glass surface you chose. A table?

    My favorite thing at the beach is picking up shells. We've been collecting sea glass every year when we go to the shore and always find a good amount. Whole shells are harder to come by but I have found smaller ones intact. You have to go right after the tide is all the way out. We are going the first weekend of November and taking the dogs for their first ever romp in the surf so I'll be up early each morning beachcombing.

    1. The surface I used is an acrylic cutting board I always have on the kitchen counter. I started using it sometime ago purely by accident and usually love the effect it gives. November at the are so lucky! I love the beach in the fall and even the winter (sometimes). It's so quiet and beautiful and powerful! Have a fabulous time! And take lots of photos!

  7. Global warming? Fun to blame everything on that.

    These are lovely --


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