Sunday, October 7, 2012

Power to the cup...

(A Weekly Top Shot entry)

Years (many years) ago, as a young person, I would often wonder what was so important or sacred or even cherished about that cup of coffee my mother (or any adult) would cherish every morning or after every meal.  What was the big deal?  What was the 'draw?'  I have to admit, that ritual...that early-morning, after-dinner cup of coffee was so revered, I came to almost view it with disdain.  Thinking back, one could almost consider this 'habit' equal to that iconic cigarette after 'whatever.'  Actually, revisiting my point of view at that time, you could equate this coffee addiction with a drug.  The whole thing drove me a little was annoying.  What was so important  about that cup of coffee?

Saturday morning toolbox with wonderful coffee courtesy
of dear blogger friend, cracker jack photog, and safekeeper-of-children-on-busses
Marge Bloom.  Go visit her at The View From Right Here.

Fast forward (many years), as an adult, I've come to realize the significance of that cup of coffee.  It's a powerful thing...and I'm not talking about the power of caffeine.  I referring to the event itself...although it can't be denied, caffeine does a lot for many.  Personally, I'm primarily a decaf person (thank you Dr. T.) although I do sneak in the 'drug' on Saturday mornings and those other weekdays that warrant a kick start. had to be perked...NOT from a Mr. Coffee!
What's in that cup?  That cup of coffee, that 'event,' can draw conversation out and bind people together.  It can give you a warm feeling and comfort you with familiarity.  It can give you an excuse to meet people face-to-face, get you up and out of your desk chair and make you move.  This 'event,' this simple cup of coffee, is a powerful thing.  Who knew?!

5 minutes...only 5... and that 5 can seem like an eternity!
Needless to say, over the many years I've learned a thing or two about and from that disdained cup of coffee.
Most importantly, I've learned that mom was right.
And, by the way, it's a great excuse for eating a donut.


  1. I can almost smell that soothing scent. Beautiful tribute to one of my favorite drinks.

  2. Hi dear :) thank you for commenting Nancy's post on my blog 'wonderland'. love coffee too! I'm your new follower :) xxo

  3. love your images, although i never took to drinking coffee myself. i do enjoy the smell of the bean aisle at the grocery store though. :)

  4. Mmmm, I love coffee - the aroma, the steam rising above that cup. I don't have to have a cup to function (I, too, drink decaf), but I like the warmth of it. Wonderfully captured, Helene!

  5. There is nothing like perked coffee on the stove! Too bad we only use the percolator when we are at the cabin since the coffeemaker takes too much precious electricity. We also have propane there and somehow perking coffee on an electric stovetop is not the same. :( You are always thinking of something clever to point your camera at. Bravo!

  6. a real perc! oh my. last time i saw one, had a real cup of coffee made in one was before my darling The Aunt passed in February 2010 ... she had 4 of those ... and there was always one on the burner with fresh coffee waiting ... thank you my friend for that wonderful memory ...

  7. You've struck a chord! Coffee! Love it! There's nothing to me like the aroma of fresh, fresh coffee. And I've become hooked even on the ritual: grind enough beans for today's pot, put it in the French press, and brew. Then sit with a strong, hot cuppa and gear up for the day.

    Many years ago I worked in a small office located a floor or two above a tiny shop that sold gourmet coffees. We bought and tasted fine coffees from around the world. It was a great education and really developed my appreciation. Some people enjoy fine wine. For me it's coffee.

  8. Lovin' that cute little coffee pot. I collect the old granite type. :)

  9. I'm a coffee addict !!!
    Best regards from Paris,


  10. Funny how addictive a cup of coffee can be...also nice how you can make such good pics of a cup of coffee

  11. I could not live without coffee!! No Way! Sitting with a cup of coffee in the morning is the bast...I treasure those quiet and peaceful moments.

  12. Thank you SO much for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #51… I’m sorry that I am very late coming by to visit your entry. But I have been fighting being sick all week, trying to fend off a virus and haven’t been doing much besides working and sleeping.. I do hope you’ll forgive me and come by tomorrow to share on Weekly Top Shot’s 1st Anniversary! ( the coffee.. he.he.he)


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