Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A walk on the wild side...


I am notorious for taking a vacation day and planning, in my head, that I’m getting up early to take advantage of the golden hour. I’m going to get out there and shoot some unbelievable photos.   And then I hit the power button on my laptop, with coffee in hand, and begin surfing blogs, photo sites, and the like to enjoy everyone else’s unbelievable photos.  The last time I followed through on the ‘golden hour’ idea was spring 2011 when I managed to catch a sunrise…I was oh so proud of myself.

My vacation day last Tuesday began with the push of that power button followed, several seconds later, by the horrible beep and immediate shut down of my laptop. After three unsuccessful tries, I pulled all the cords out of the laptop and began, one by one, replacing and rebooting. No problems…until I plugged the last cord in, the cord belonging to my port replicator. At least I found the culprit and, since the manufacturer is on the West Coast, I resorted to corresponding through their web site.

With high noon an hour away, I got my act together and headed out to Davidson’s Mill Pond Park and the woods…not the ideal time to photograph but, with a mix of clouds and sun, I was hoping for the best.
Needless to say, the late start wasn’t the best but being out hiking around for 3 hours was wonderful. I didn’t see any wild ‘things’ but I saw lots of wild flowers and some docile ducks. And the port manufacturers…after their solution failed, they opted to replace the replicator, sans original invoice. It’s all good.



  1. oh boy what fabulous foots ...

  2. You made the most of it - good shots. . .all that and you managed to resolve your computer "issues." Impressive!

  3. Ah, computer issues. I know them well. I hope yours are resolved for some time.

    I'm up before the crack of dawn every day (Shane's working 7-10s right now) but haven't been out with the camera early for some time. Need to do that. :)

  4. Lovely captures. The morning glories are splendid!

  5. Grrr... hate tech troubles... LOVE those Heavenly Blue Morning Glories! Thank you Helene, for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #53!

  6. What a lovely environment - so lush and green...and ducks too! Great shots!


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