Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wildwood Days...The Big Wheel, etc.

(A Weekly Top Shot Entry)

I took over 425 photos in five days while in Wildwood last week.  Maybe that's not a lot, maybe that's outrageous.  All I know is, it's taking me forever to go through them and edit so I thought I would post just my 'really likes' (aren't you lucky...LOL) in several installments.  I think it's in my best interest to categorize them because, if I don't, I'll go nuts trying to determine what I did and did not post.

Hope I don't bore you and, if I do, wait for the next post and maybe you'll see something you like.  As for me, I love the Jersey shore and only wish I had more time to shoot 425 more photos!

The Big favorite subject/ride on the pier.  And this year it featured an entirely new light show.  I tried shooting from as many different angles as possible but, with the crowds, it was impossible.  The one big thing I was thrilled about was actually riding it.  Last year I just watched but this year the line was a little 'forgiving' and the wait was bearable.

Come ride The Big Wheel with me!  (click on the photos to enlarge)

This year...a new light show!
The spectacular view from high above the pier.
The reason they call it The Big Wheel.

Not a spot to get a pedi but a large swing that went REALLY fast.

The Great White (roller coaster) reflected in
ocean water left on the beach
following a storm.

Rock & Roll!

The Carousel...Carousels are like works of arts.  No two are alike.  They can be done in primary colors or muted pastels.  They can be Victorian or more modern and feature a variety of different themes.  The one here is definitely in line with its surroundings...the ocean.  Hope you enjoy some details...



Along with the crowds, the lighting conditions were a real challenge.  I resorted to auto mode more than I care to admit and I cringe from the noise caused by high ISOs...I guess I'll just have to go back to practice!  Well, until next time, be safe and happy and don't pass up a chance to ride the Big Wheel.  I'll meet you at the entrance to the pier.  Maybe we can win a big monkey!


  1. They are beautiful photos. I've never been to Wildwood, but it was definitely the yearly trip some of my friends took.

  2. Beautiful shots, Helene. I especially like the one of The Great White. Maryanne

  3. Nice pics..Wish they were larger so could see them better. :)

    1. Carol, thanks for stopping by! If you click on a photo they will enlarge. Hope that helps!

  4. Wonderful photos... I've never been to Wildwood, now you've given me the itch to take a ride!

  5. I just love these pictures!!! Great pictures...

  6. Wow, what fabulous shots... they are all SO good it's hard to pick a fav! I think the roller-coaster is my top fav, the details and reflection are intriguing! Thanks for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #47!

  7. Some wonderful night photography here with great colors. Love those "big wheel" photos.

  8. love taking pix of the big wheel but there's no way i would ride it

  9. Awesome shots! It's easy to take a lot of photos when you are having fun doing it!

  10. I love these photos! the light in each are so pretty

  11. Oooooh! These are great shots! What total eye candy! You've done a beautiful job. Just plowing through that many shots is monumental. Choosing favorites is like deciding which children to throw out of the boat. Impossible.


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