Monday, September 17, 2012

Wildwood Days - On the boardwalk...

(A Weekly Top Shot Entry)

If you want to see some really strange or unique things, take a walk on any New Jersey boardwalk.  The Seaside boardwalk is by far, I believe, the place to see the craziest sights but the Wildwood boardwalk has its share of items that will catch your eye.  Lets take a stroll...

Hmmmmm, not exactly my idea of THE place to get
something pierced or tattood.

Wonder if these will be seen on the
runways of NYC during fassion week?

Grandson Nathaniel's most favorite place to stop and stare
and count the pirates.

'Swag' does not discriminate.

One for every bikini you own.

Guess Charlie didn't make it.

Mummers marching and
entertaining every evening.

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, orange...decisions, decisions.
The last stop...every night.

Leave a light on...we're on the way home!

See you on the year!


  1. My ears are the only that is being pierced lol! I like the second photo but none could fit me. ^_^

    Kim, USA

  2. Colorful photos of the shore. I used to visit friends at Spring Lake (?) many years ago.

    Cheers ... visiting from Weekly Top Shot!

    Here's mine:

  3. Looks to me like you've caught the mood. Bruce Springsteen wove boardwalks into many of his earlier songs. The closest this West Coast girl has seen is the carnival at the local fair. It looks similar but I'm guessing it's not the same. Those businesses look like they're there to stay.

  4. Such an interesting and colorful place -- love the images you captured Helene. :)

  5. Very colorful place. I've never done anything in New Jersey except drive through.

  6. I love places like this - lots of unique storefronts to gawk at. I can't say I've ever been to the Jersey Shore - maybe one day!

  7. Love those wild sunglasses, the t-shirt 'Bobby's Butt,' I'm thinking 'What the heck?' But it looks like a fun place! Thanks for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #48!

  8. there certainly is a lot to see!

  9. Thanks for taking us to see the boardwalk...the sunglasses, Tshirts are so colorful

  10. While I have never been to Wildwood Beach, my late husband worked there several summers when he was in college. Your photos brought back many happy memories of his beach stories. Thank you!


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