Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Find peace...

Following the profound events of September 11, 2001, I recalled some photos I had taken several years back with a point & shoot film camera.  I probably tore through three boxes and envelopes full of photos to find them.  When I discovered I still had them, I felt great joy.  They are not clear and the quality is certainly not up to par of the digital photos I now look at but, nonetheless, I can't help feel they are stunning.   (click to enlarge photos)


I hope you found peace as you moved through this historic day and, as you move forward, find joy in all that is around you.


  1. the ones you took from the NJ park whose name i cant recall is where i took the shot i call OZ from .. tho from the look of the lawns in yours, mine was taken before (since mine is still showing landscaping in process)

    1. It finally popped into my head...Liberty State Park. I think I was attending some kind of antique show that was housed in an old train depot when I took these shots. Was curious to know where you had taken yours...when I saw the surrounding area, I couldn't tell. Hugs!

  2. These are great shots. There's the historic value, but there's something about the quality of the color and resolution that gives them a dreaminess. Or maybe it's the impact of the content and the vague nostalgia it evokes. They are a kind of treasure and worth the hunt.


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