Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holding onto summer...

(a Weekly Top Shot entry)

I have a love/hate relationship with autumn.  I think most of us do.  After what seemed like an eternity of unbelievably hot days and outrageous electric bills, we now look upon cooler temperatures, wonderfully comfortable nights for sleeping, and the absence of the droning air conditioner.  And then, just around the corner, we see hours of shoveling snow, frigid fingers as we scrape our windshields every morning so we can see our way to work though the slush, and the endless wait as we anticipate the rise of heat from the basement furnace.  All this, while we enjoy the beautiful changing colors of the season and the excitement of upcoming holidays.  See what I

So, as I hang onto the fading light of summer while enjoying the merging seasons, I was thrilled to see these last lilies in the garden.  I totally thought they were done for the season.  So glad I didn't cut them back last weekend!  So glad, in fact, I shot them from every angle!

Experimenting with saturation...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hail Ceasar...

(A Weekly Top Shot entry)

I'm not a gambler and never have been.  The experiences of a past life watching people around me taught me, if you think you're going to win big, you might as well just write a check to the casino owners.  It just ain't gonna happen!

Shot through the windows of an overhead walkway, you can see how empty the streets were.
The casinos have taken a hit from the poor economy and have passed it along to their patrons.
However, going into a casino with the understanding that the trip is purely for entertainment is another thing.  And this time I brought my camera...something I was really unsure about.  Heaven forbid some big casino security guard come over and confiscate it.  But, I took my chances and acted like so many other tourists.
 'Jewels' hang from the ceiling of the atrium where the high-end shops are located.
These stores were empty.

All that glitters...the view from the top of the escalator is quite beautiful, it gives you an 'I-feel-great' feeling.

Weather check...we were out on the boardwalk briefly.
The winds were so strong, they had to sandbag the casino doors to keep them from blowing open.

I needed this trip with friends. It was entertaining. There were lots of laughs. And, yes, I did make a deposit BUT it was in the budget. The next visit will be planned around 'comps!'

Ooooooo, at this point, I actually thought I was in Rome!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wildwood Days - On the boardwalk...

(A Weekly Top Shot Entry)

If you want to see some really strange or unique things, take a walk on any New Jersey boardwalk.  The Seaside boardwalk is by far, I believe, the place to see the craziest sights but the Wildwood boardwalk has its share of items that will catch your eye.  Lets take a stroll...

Hmmmmm, not exactly my idea of THE place to get
something pierced or tattood.

Wonder if these will be seen on the
runways of NYC during fassion week?

Grandson Nathaniel's most favorite place to stop and stare
and count the pirates.

'Swag' does not discriminate.

One for every bikini you own.

Guess Charlie didn't make it.

Mummers marching and
entertaining every evening.

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, orange...decisions, decisions.
The last stop...every night.

Leave a light on...we're on the way home!

See you on the year!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wildwood Days - Games & Prizes...

I recall the first boardwalk prize I had ever was a hugh white bear with a big red ribbon.  I was probably about 5 years old and the thing was bigger than me but I insisted on carrying it.  And I recall exactly how I won placing a nickel on the shamrock and spinning the wheel.  That was quite a prize for a nickel.  Today, you've got to invest a lot more for a much smaller prize.

Some of the prizes today on the boardwalk or just as large or larger than that white bear and then there are some that are considered consolation prizes.  Nonetheless, any child walking away from a game stand with any prize is still thrilled.

Let's go pop some balloons, shoot a water gun, or spin a wheel and see what we get...

The elusive Angry Birds...waiting to be snatched up
by one of those big cranes. all-time favorite!
Helloooooooooooo Kitty, or whomever you are!
Watermelon, lemon, orange heads...all with big mouths...
I had no idea what these were but they were
certainly tough to grab with that crane!

Still there....she was there last year and
she is still there, standing guard on the
exterior of a video pirate game.

4 grandson threw all 5 balls down the ramp on
this boardwalk poker game and managed to get 4 kings.
The machine dealt it...heard that one before!
So glad this dude did not come home with me.
On the upside...he could have sat in the
passenger seat and I could have used
the HOV lanes!
Did you win the prize you were after?  Or did you come home with the consolation beaded necklace?  Whatever you got, it was still a thrill.   I'll meet you on the boardwalk soon for some real eye-opening sights.  Make it in front of the Kohr's ice cream stand...I need a chocolate cone with chocolate sprinkles!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Find peace...

Following the profound events of September 11, 2001, I recalled some photos I had taken several years back with a point & shoot film camera.  I probably tore through three boxes and envelopes full of photos to find them.  When I discovered I still had them, I felt great joy.  They are not clear and the quality is certainly not up to par of the digital photos I now look at but, nonetheless, I can't help feel they are stunning.   (click to enlarge photos)


I hope you found peace as you moved through this historic day and, as you move forward, find joy in all that is around you.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wildwood Days...The Big Wheel, etc.

(A Weekly Top Shot Entry)

I took over 425 photos in five days while in Wildwood last week.  Maybe that's not a lot, maybe that's outrageous.  All I know is, it's taking me forever to go through them and edit so I thought I would post just my 'really likes' (aren't you lucky...LOL) in several installments.  I think it's in my best interest to categorize them because, if I don't, I'll go nuts trying to determine what I did and did not post.

Hope I don't bore you and, if I do, wait for the next post and maybe you'll see something you like.  As for me, I love the Jersey shore and only wish I had more time to shoot 425 more photos!

The Big favorite subject/ride on the pier.  And this year it featured an entirely new light show.  I tried shooting from as many different angles as possible but, with the crowds, it was impossible.  The one big thing I was thrilled about was actually riding it.  Last year I just watched but this year the line was a little 'forgiving' and the wait was bearable.

Come ride The Big Wheel with me!  (click on the photos to enlarge)

This year...a new light show!
The spectacular view from high above the pier.
The reason they call it The Big Wheel.

Not a spot to get a pedi but a large swing that went REALLY fast.

The Great White (roller coaster) reflected in
ocean water left on the beach
following a storm.

Rock & Roll!

The Carousel...Carousels are like works of arts.  No two are alike.  They can be done in primary colors or muted pastels.  They can be Victorian or more modern and feature a variety of different themes.  The one here is definitely in line with its surroundings...the ocean.  Hope you enjoy some details...



Along with the crowds, the lighting conditions were a real challenge.  I resorted to auto mode more than I care to admit and I cringe from the noise caused by high ISOs...I guess I'll just have to go back to practice!  Well, until next time, be safe and happy and don't pass up a chance to ride the Big Wheel.  I'll meet you at the entrance to the pier.  Maybe we can win a big monkey!