Saturday, August 11, 2012

There's always next year...

(a Weekly Top Shot Entry)

The county fair…lots of food, lots of people, lots of animals, lots of music, lots of games, lots of lights, laughter, lines, and traffic.
Lights and prizes glow against the night sky.
And the photography exhibit...well, there were no ribbons to take home but, and I know this will sound so cliché, it was a great experience.  Actually it was a learning experience. I’ve come to realize, it’s all subjective and I believe a lot depends on the environment and the ‘nature of the beast.'

My 4 entries...
Winter Shoreline
Natural Landscape entry

The Big Wheel
Man-made Landscape entry

Poached, Not Fried
Still Life entry

Red Tulip
Floral entry

There had to be well over 200 entries total for all categories. One of the unfortunate aspects of the exhibit was the building where it was housed…very crowded with poor lighting. There was no space between each photo. Each entry was stacked right up against the next entry…the display looked like one big mosaic. There were some wonderful photos though…beautiful travel photos, interesting pet pictures, stunning landscapes. Unfortunately, the judges did not think mine was one of them (ha, ha) and many of these wonderful entries were passed over by the judges.

The Amish Outlaws perform in the entertainment tent.

But, back to the fair…it was fun!...especially the Amish Outlaws. This was the first time I saw this group and they were pretty amazing; an all-out fun experience.  If you have an opportunity, take a look at their web site for an interesting story behind the group.

View of the midway from the Ferris wheel.
And I did ride the Ferris wheel…it was worth the 30-minute wait.  Even though this machine seemed to want to give up the ghost at any moment and the rocking of the seat was a little too much, the view you got when you reached the top was well worth it.

Next year I'm going to win.  I'll be back.
Well, I will collect my photos on Sunday night and like so many others, murmur those famous words…’there’s always next year.’       I can’t wait!


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't win - I think your winter scene definitely should have won. I absolutely love it - it really captures the feeling of winter (it really makes me wish it was winter). But, as you said, there's always next year (and hundreds of competitions in between). It looks like a really fun fair - I love your photo of the guitarist.


    1. Thanks so much Matt! When I have time to concentrate, I'm going to try and turn that landscape into a B&W.

  2. boy, i thought everyone won ribbons. but i only recall my days in 4-H as a kid. maybe they're not as generous to adults. it's never even dawned on me to enter as an adult! i personally like your egg shot. it's really unique. i think it would make a great b/w as well!

    love the prize booth shot too! :)

    1. Thrilled that you like my egg! That one won 3rd place in my company's photo contest and the competition was much tougher there! See Photo Exhibit page (at top) for details. Love your taste...LOL!

  3. I LOVE your entries and as well as the fair shots! All the entries are great and I especially like the quietness of the still life. I noticed at the county fair where we lived in California that I never agreed with the judges, especially in the photography exhibits. Most of my favorites were overlooked and the winners. . .well, they didn't ring any bells for me. I haven't really checked out the exhibits here in Washington (yet). Last year I was too taken with the rodeo. . .

    Amish Outlaws? I must check out their website! The only Amish rockers I picture are chairs. . .

  4. Awww. Helene, I'm sorry you didn't come home with a ribbon. :( I loved your shot of the midway from the ferris wheel! Night photography is something I should practice. But it's hard to practice night photography if you are all tucked into your house when it turns dark!

    I remember the first (and only!) photo contest I ever entered. I remember it well because that was the turning point for me. When I took my photo in to be blown up to an 8x10, the camera shop owner told me I should enter it in the upcoming contest. I didn't win, or even come close, but that was the point at which I started to take holding that camera in my hand more seriously.

  5. Your photos are wonderful. Hope you enjoyed the fair. Good luck next year!

  6. I love going to fairs because I can't wait to eat elephant ears and homemade root beer. I agree your photos are beautiful!! You are always a winner for me ^_^ Thanks for the visit.

  7. All of your entries are wonderful, I especially like the Red Tulip. I've never entered a contest, might be something to work on for me.

  8. I LOVE your photos...You would have won a ribbon if I were a judge:) Next year though

  9. I really like your Landscape entry. I used to enter contests, but got lazy. You are correct, the judging seems very subjective - sometimes the judges will have a discussion around what they liked about the winning entries and that information is useful for future exhibitions.
    Love all your photos from the fair - looks like a ton of fun!

  10. your photos are prize worthy ... next year you'll take home the gold!

  11. I hereby bestow upon you the Bloggyland County Fair Blue Ribbon. :) These are wonderful, Helene. No accounting for others' tastes, I guess.

  12. Your photos are great. I agree with Nancy. You get our Blue Ribbon!


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