Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One big photo op...

New's a feast for the eyes.  No matter what direction you look in, there is something to photograph.  It could be the people, the architecture, the traffic, the vendors, the stores, the fashion, anything and everything.  And the beauty of it all is that you really don't need to move about too much to get variety.  It surrounds and envelopes you.

And when you do move around, the streets take you from one unique area to another.  I want to experience all of it but, unfortunately, that will take some time so, in the meantime, I will be happy to get into the city whenever I can.

'My Sinatra' before show time...great music, great stories, great laughs.

I was thrilled to get an invite to see 'My Sinatra' over the weekend so, camera in hand, the adventure began.  Time was not on our side since we did dinner and had to be get to the show on time but I grabbed as many shots as I could.  So, all of these I consider snap shots not really photographs.  Hopefully I'll get back to the city sooner than later with more time to look, digest, and photograph.

Hoping to get a glimpse of John Travolta or Tom Cruise
I couldn't resist taking this photo.

The Ride...I'm not sure who was having more fun, the people on
the bus or the people watching from the street.

I haven't been here since I was a child.
Now it's on the bucket list to go back.

In NY traffic, I would not risk getting into one of these but,
if I did, it would definitely be the red one!

A light fixture at John's Pizzeria....the only thing I could
get in focus in the dim light.

Someday, when I dance on Broadway,
I'll buy my dance shoes here.

At the corner of 8th & 46th - Those who follow the blog
Out and About in New York City will know I just had to photo this...
especially for Wednesdays.
'If I had it to do over' many times have you said that to yourself?  Whenever I hear the voice inside my head say those words, I finish the sentence with 'I would have lived and worked in New York City.'  Thank goodness I'm only 45 minutes away! 


  1. I am tickled you got that great water tower/tank shot, I love them in clusters like mushrooms .. and all your 'shots' are good .. come on back and lets go wandering ..

  2. Great shots! The more time I spend in the country, the less time I'm interested in spending in the city. But that city buzz is unmistakable and there's so much the city offers that you can't find out in the sticks. (Too bad you didn't see John T. or Tom C.)

  3. lucky you to be so close! thanks for the mini tour!

  4. Wonderful! Only 45 minutes? We should meet up next time I'm in town!

  5. You have taken beautiful pictures of NYC. I enjoyed them! You've reminded me that I need to make a trip as well while I'm still on the east coast and it's only a train trip away. Thank you! :)

  6. Отличный и красивый репортаж и очень добрый. Задушевно на душе стало. Спасибо.

  7. One word - Jealous.
    Wait, I can't stop at one word!
    I haven't been to NYC in over 20 years - and I'm chomping to get back. Love your snaps and it sounds like you enjoyed the show?

    1. Yes, loved the show...the venue was like a super club. I was waiting for Dean and Sammy to come out on stage! But I so love the music from that era...they don't make 'em like that any more!

  8. Love all of these shots... Sardis, and the water towers, I thought of Daryl too! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #43!

  9. The city is great every once in a while, isn't it? It's sheer energy pulls you in. It's hard to take photos while on a mission to going somewhere else, I know just what you mean. You are 15 minutes closer to the city than I am! ;)

  10. I would definitely take a lot of photos from the people around. ^_^ And New York is the place I like to visit someday. It would be fun for sure. ^_^ Happy weekend and thanks for the visit!


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