Friday, August 31, 2012


It's a vegetable.  It's a color.  All I know is, when the market came into the office and these were displayed I had to buy some...not to eat, to photograph.

So this is what is has come to - I'm now buying food to photograph, not to eat.  This is a double-edged sword.  It's great subject matter but then I have this food to deal with.  And, in this instance, I'd never made eggplant before; I'd never even eaten it.  Yes, I know, I've been sheltered.

Thankfully, I was rescued by a friend who relayed a simple recipe.  I'm all about simple.  Do not depend on me to spend any significant amount of time on preparation.  So when all I needed to do was peel, slice, coat with olive oil, dust with breadcrumbs, add some garlic salt, pop them into the toaster oven and add grated Parmesan cheese as the finale, I knew I was in business.

Now, I can't get enough of purple!  And I'm sooooo looking forward to market day and other colors to explore!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Playing With Matches


You go to that dreaded kitchen drawer on a mission.  You know that drawer...the one you've reorganized a thousand times, the one only you can find anything in, the one that no one else will venture into because they tell you that's where the kitchen monster lives (it was probably a corn holder that attacked them).  You either need to find that one utensil you use about once a year (the egg slicer?) or you need to find the spare peeler (the blade broke off the cheap one you bought).


And then it happens.  While sifting through the 'can't-throw-this-away' clutter, the box of matches explodes all over.  Not a box of nicely stacked match books but those wonderful wooden matches that light on the first strike, the matches that have been in the same slide-out box for the past 10 years, the matches that have been kept in that box with an elastic band that has now broken.

Pick me, pick me!

On the bright side, the drawer is more or less organized again and I found something different to photograph.  It's all good.

Trouble Maker!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rose in a Beer Glass...



 Stands in a beer glass on my kitchen window sill.

 Gifted to me by a friend following the blessing of flowers at church the other night,
 so often a single rose can do more for you than a gift of two dozen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One big photo op...

New's a feast for the eyes.  No matter what direction you look in, there is something to photograph.  It could be the people, the architecture, the traffic, the vendors, the stores, the fashion, anything and everything.  And the beauty of it all is that you really don't need to move about too much to get variety.  It surrounds and envelopes you.

And when you do move around, the streets take you from one unique area to another.  I want to experience all of it but, unfortunately, that will take some time so, in the meantime, I will be happy to get into the city whenever I can.

'My Sinatra' before show time...great music, great stories, great laughs.

I was thrilled to get an invite to see 'My Sinatra' over the weekend so, camera in hand, the adventure began.  Time was not on our side since we did dinner and had to be get to the show on time but I grabbed as many shots as I could.  So, all of these I consider snap shots not really photographs.  Hopefully I'll get back to the city sooner than later with more time to look, digest, and photograph.

Hoping to get a glimpse of John Travolta or Tom Cruise
I couldn't resist taking this photo.

The Ride...I'm not sure who was having more fun, the people on
the bus or the people watching from the street.

I haven't been here since I was a child.
Now it's on the bucket list to go back.

In NY traffic, I would not risk getting into one of these but,
if I did, it would definitely be the red one!

A light fixture at John's Pizzeria....the only thing I could
get in focus in the dim light.

Someday, when I dance on Broadway,
I'll buy my dance shoes here.

At the corner of 8th & 46th - Those who follow the blog
Out and About in New York City will know I just had to photo this...
especially for Wednesdays.
'If I had it to do over' many times have you said that to yourself?  Whenever I hear the voice inside my head say those words, I finish the sentence with 'I would have lived and worked in New York City.'  Thank goodness I'm only 45 minutes away! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

There's always next year...

(a Weekly Top Shot Entry)

The county fair…lots of food, lots of people, lots of animals, lots of music, lots of games, lots of lights, laughter, lines, and traffic.
Lights and prizes glow against the night sky.
And the photography exhibit...well, there were no ribbons to take home but, and I know this will sound so cliché, it was a great experience.  Actually it was a learning experience. I’ve come to realize, it’s all subjective and I believe a lot depends on the environment and the ‘nature of the beast.'

My 4 entries...
Winter Shoreline
Natural Landscape entry

The Big Wheel
Man-made Landscape entry

Poached, Not Fried
Still Life entry

Red Tulip
Floral entry

There had to be well over 200 entries total for all categories. One of the unfortunate aspects of the exhibit was the building where it was housed…very crowded with poor lighting. There was no space between each photo. Each entry was stacked right up against the next entry…the display looked like one big mosaic. There were some wonderful photos though…beautiful travel photos, interesting pet pictures, stunning landscapes. Unfortunately, the judges did not think mine was one of them (ha, ha) and many of these wonderful entries were passed over by the judges.

The Amish Outlaws perform in the entertainment tent.

But, back to the fair…it was fun!...especially the Amish Outlaws. This was the first time I saw this group and they were pretty amazing; an all-out fun experience.  If you have an opportunity, take a look at their web site for an interesting story behind the group.

View of the midway from the Ferris wheel.
And I did ride the Ferris wheel…it was worth the 30-minute wait.  Even though this machine seemed to want to give up the ghost at any moment and the rocking of the seat was a little too much, the view you got when you reached the top was well worth it.

Next year I'm going to win.  I'll be back.
Well, I will collect my photos on Sunday night and like so many others, murmur those famous words…’there’s always next year.’       I can’t wait!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sneak Peek

Opening day of the Middlesex County Fair (NJ) is tomorrow, August 6.  While dropping off photos for the photo exhibit and competition, I got a sneak peek.  It was a little early so not much was set up.  I imagine they will work through most of the night to get things ready and into full swing for tomorrow.  I've always looked forward to the fair.  Hoping for sunny skies and starry nights for a fun time.

Nothing runs like a Deere.

These two were just too cute!
Looking for a hand-out or
hoping to make a break.

Do they realize these earrings do not match?
Wardrobe!  Would someone please get me Wardrobe!

I can't do a thing with my hair in this humidity!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dog days....

The dog days of summer...what does that mean?  Webster says it's the days between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer occurs in the northern hemisphere and/or it's a period of stagnation or inactivity.  The words 'dog days' have something to do with the constellations and the dog star, Sirius, rising and setting with the sun.  It was once believed that the heat of this star added to the heat of the sun, resulting in those sultry days.  Over time and with the shifting of the earth, these days, today, are supposed to take place between July 3 and August 11.

Sultry, stagnant, inactive...yep, they're here.  I've felt it all week.

Some sultry places from the archives...
Dominican Republic

Flowers in Mexico

Sandy Hook, New Jersey