Friday, July 20, 2012


I flip flopped between PSA (public service announcement) and Friends for the title of this post because my subject has two sides but went with PSA, thinking it would get more attention.  I guess I won't find out until I see the comments but both subjects are super important. Here goes...

Maybe, if I sit up here long enough,
this thing will give way and I'll be able
to get some roughage in my diet.

Go get a colonoscopy if you're due.  The first one I had was ten years ago.  Today I had my second.  The prep was a yucky stuff to drink; just sodium tablets, clear liquids, ice pops, broth.  I'll be going (no pun intended) in another five years since there is colon cancer in the family but, I'd rather be safe than sorry.  It was a piece o' cake.  In fact, I could go for a piece of cake right now!..but I'll pass since I just lost 4 lbs. overnight (yea, I know...THAT won't last).

'Friends' dining together.

On another note, when several friends found out I was taking this step, they jumped right in and volunteered to go with me.  One even offered to take a vacation day to make sure I got there.  They are gems and I could not do without them.

Thunder clouds move in and
central Jersey gets ready for some rain.

Bottom doctor told me I was boring.  He didn't find anything.  Actually, I was hoping he would find gold but I am thrilled with 'boring.'  It's a beautiful day. Yes, I know it's raining and damp but it's still a beautiful day.  Have a wonderful weekend and go get a colonoscopy if you're due.  After all, there are so many beautiful days in your future to spend with your friends.

A silver lining...there's blue skys behind those clouds.


  1. Hubby has had two already, one before he turned 50 and another after. My mom is due to have her second one. I'm the designated colonoscopy caretaker for both. :)

    Is 50 the magic number? Hubby says I need one done, but I think he just wants me to drink all that stuff. Glad to hear you were able to go the sodium tablet route. Thank you for this informative post. Cake does sound yummy! ;)

  2. Good PSA. Done it before, need to do it again soon. Lovely photos, btw. ;-)

  3. Never heard of this type of prep for one -- my mom always gets the go-litely stuff beforehand. I need to have one done. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Aren't they fun. Actually, I enjoyed the procedure (I know that is really weird), but they drugged me up really good and wallah, it was over. Prep day, not so much.

  5. In this case boring is GOOD! Love your cloud photos!

  6. Beautiful photos of the birds and the clouds and happy for you that your test came out clear. xx

  7. glad to hear you are boring .. boring is good when it comes to medical exams .. and I like both the photos and the new black background

  8. lol! hurray for boring!!
    i love clouds shots, and rain sounds pretty beautiful to me right now. ;o)


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