Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fences with character...

(A Weekly Top Shot entry)

Most of you will probably find this post repetitive (please humor me and read on) since I'm still experimenting with aperture priority.  But now I've added something new...using the back focus button.

I'm reading Scott Kelby's The Digital Photography Book - Part 4 and fast-forwarded to the focus section since I've been really unhappy with some of the 'soft' images I've been getting.  Eureka!  Enter the back focus button.  A great idea until I learned that my Nikon does not have a dedicated back focus button.  No problem...just reassign the AE-L/AF-L button to do the job.  I'm not using that button anyway.  I think I'm seeing a difference.  Instead of using the shutter release to focus, which may result in unnecessary camera shake, I can now concentrate on using that button just to shoot.  As far as success, only time will tell but, in the meantime, I got out there during the week and put this discovery to the test while getting some aperture mode practice.

Using the back focus button to focus on nokiN;
I mean Nikon.

I spent some time in the cemetery of an historic church (I have a feeling the pastor thinks I have family there since I was there 3 times in a week) and took a number of photos of the iron fences surrounding the property and grave sites.  I'm happy with the dof, I'm happy with the focus (most of the time), and I've noticed I have to do less straightening of the finished product.
Using the back focus button to focus on my eye...could be better.
Of course, the shots of me photographing me were not taken in the cemetery...but you knew that.

And now to the cemetery...
S/S 1/60   f 5.6   92mm

S/S 1/60  f4.8  46mm

S/S 1/125  f4.8  46mm

S/S 1/100  f5  55mm

S/S 1/30  f3.5  85mm

S/S 1/125  f5  55mm

Fences...with rust and moss and webs and character.

(Daryl...thanks for the iron work inspiration!)


  1. Love your first, second and last fences photos. Must be satisfying making progress with the technical issues.

  2. I like the second and fourth fence photos, and I think the photo of your eye is great!

  3. Great photos! thanks for the tip - I'm going to have a look at that!

    1. Go for takes a little getting used to (at least for me) because it's not in a spot I'm used to placing my thumb. I think I'm going to need a lot of practice!

  4. Fabulous fence shots... I love walking/shooting cemeteries too. Love those selfies too... Thank you for sharing on WTS#41!

  5. Great second one...
    Have a good week !


  6. I love these .. now you are inspiring me to go get more rusty iron shots .. I always shoot on P .. sigh, I know, I know but I am lazy lazy lazy .. however those pix you took are wonderful .. and you have very pretty eyes

    1. inspired me and turn-around is fair play so I want to inspire you! Get out of P mode and have some adventures and fun...LOL! And big thanks for the comp!


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