Friday, June 8, 2012

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing...

Bet you can hear Steven Tyler singing that line right now!  Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Fresh picked cherry tomatos in the morning sun.

Before the photo bug hit, I don’t recall how closely I looked at things or how differently; and by differently, I mean from the front, back, bottom, and sides.   I think I just accepted things as the status quo.   Whoa, how sad is that…how one-dimentional…how boring!

One of the first garden lillies BEFORE  the skunk got them.

Right now I'm not missing much with my 85mm micro.  It's my go-to lens and I’m having great fun adding on the Canon 500D for a different effect. These lenses have always come out in the spring and summer when the yard bursts with color but I have to remember to experiment with them through the fall and winter.

Cascading geranium yet to bloom.

Dorothea Lange is quoted as having said “the camera teaches us to see without a camera.” So true BUT, I think the camera can makes it so much fun.  After all, you don’t wanna miss a thing, right?


  1. Beautiful photos! I agree, since picking up the camera "things" all look so different, and I want to record it all!

  2. i agree! dorothea didn't appear to have as much "fun" as we are these days. ;o)

    those tomatoes are so perfect, i want to pop them in my mouth! lovely captures!

  3. Great shots - but I wish I could reach out and grab those tomatoes!

  4. Oh, I can see you're having fun. Often I don't really see something until I look at it on the computer screen. My eye can't seem to pick up everything that the lens can.

  5. Love the tomatoes. Love seeing the details.

  6. Прекрасно. Первую фотографию – захотелось съесть…

  7. Fab post, my dear. Love you photos, but in love with your thoughts more! xoxo

  8. Yup, always with some sort of camera at hand ... I dont want to miss anything .. and my eye gets caught easily, its very fickle ... love those shots


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