Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cool green bamboo...

Yesterday, at 5 PM, I officially began a long-awaited vacation week and I believe it was the beginning of another heat wave.  In fact, it was so hot, I had one candle melt all over the living room rug during the not a great way to begin a vacation.  But, a brown paper bag and hot iron took it right up - and it was a green candle on a mauve rug!

Speaking of green...I headed over to Rutgers Gardens very early today before the heat got really bad and checked out all the new flower beds and arrangements they've got going on.  It was beautiful!  But the heat started to set in so I took a quick tour of the bamboo garden to catch some shade.  I couldn't believe all the new growth.  You were surrounded by cool green...

A Koala bear's buffet!

Lots of new green growth.

Green reflected in a brook running through the bamboo garden.

Judging from the weather forecast, I believe we'll all be needing lots of cool green this week!
Stay cool!


  1. Such wonderful colors of green. So very beautiful!!

  2. I am thinking I will be stopping back to refresh with the temps the way they are here .. have a great vacation

  3. Cool perspective and color of the stream.

  4. Ahhh .. I feel cooler already! Love the las shot of the stream. Great exposure and great color! Super cool! ( No pun really intended. ) ;)

  5. Can't type either I guess with this heat. Should have read "Love the last shot of the stream ..."

  6. I like the picture of the brook with the green reflections. Well done. The weather has been pretty bad here in VA. Our power went out for a few seconds on Friday night. Others did not fair too well. We still have friends without power. Looks like we're definitely in for a hot summer. Stay cool!

  7. Your images are making me feel cooler already! Really beautiful, Helene.

  8. the water shot is gorgeous! we're so dry and brown right now, i just want to wade through your photo. :o)

  9. Lovely, quiet and refreshing...
    Best regards from France,



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