Sunday, May 27, 2012

Red, White, and Blue...

During the past week I took a vacation day to hunt for cemetery plots of several family members who passed on years before I was born.  I and a friend spent the better part of an afternoon trying to find a cemetery I had not been to in at least 40 years.  I had visions of coming back with pictures of old tombstones and information about my grandparents and my mother's Godfather.  Needless to say, we struck out.

But, it was not a total loss; it was actually an's not everyday I get to ride through a city I had not visited in several years, I had a wonderful lunch with a great friend, found the house my mother lived in over 60 years ago (and met the present owner), and got to see a lot of ghetto-fabulous people.  We had a blast and, now that my mother has recalled the street the cemetery is on, we'll go back.

So, sans cemetery photos and in the spirit of the Memorial Day weekend, here is something...


Cascading Crimson Geranium
Shot with an Canon 500D attached to a Nikkor 85MM micro lens.


Snow Hill Salvia
These are sitting in a vase on the front porch...tough to get a good
focus point in the afternoon breeze.


Techno Blue Lobelia
I definitely over-saturated this!  Ugh!
Fondly and respectfully remembering all those
who have and are paying the price for our

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


  1. lovely macros and sentiments. :o)
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. Happy Memorial Day to you too. Great sentiment.

  3. Fotografie molto belle! buon inizio settimana...ciao

    1. So happy you visited! Hope to see you again soon!

  4. Great photos, and I like the red, white, and blue theme. Happy Memorial Day!

  5. Happy Memorial Day to you, too! Lovely way to capture today.

  6. what a clever and pretty post .. I too am always fighting the breeze to get good still shots of flowers .. I've even gone so far as to ask someone to hold them steady with their hand out of sight!!!

  7. Sorry you struck out on the cemetery hunt, but your day sounds wonderful anyway... love your creative floral red, white and blue! Thank you for remembering and honoring veterans today!

  8. Old cemeteries are always something I like to check out -- sorry you struck out -- but there's always another day for adventuring.

    Very pretty flowers. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Helene. :)

  9. Love your geranium picture. Enjoyed your theme and creativity. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure.

  10. Lovely photos!! I , especially, Like the first one!!! :)


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