Friday, May 25, 2012

550 Degrees

I so want a new stove.  I crave a new stove.  I can see myself baking homemade bread with a new stove.  BUT it's not going to happen until I can pay for it and some other kitchen improvements in cash...cold, hard cash.  So, until that time, I'll be baking bread and such in my 20+ year old stove.

I suspect Ol' Bess is about 25 years old.  I'm in my home 20 years and the kitchen was done a short while before I moved in and it looks about 25 years old.  Actually the kitchen, although dated, is quite nice and the cabinets (cherry wood) are in fabulous shape so, again, until the cash is there, I will be happy with what I have.

So, back to Ol' Bess...she got really heated up tonight...up to 550 degrees.  I don't think she's been that hot in 10 years but, I just had to have homemade pizza.  I prepped the dough the other night and could not wait to give it a try.  Straight out of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, I made a batch of olive oil bread dough...great for pizza, focaccia, or olive bread...and it's great for dipping!

Having not made pizza from scratch in about 10 years, getting the dough in the shape of a pizza was a bit tricky.  But, as long as it tastes like pizza, who cares what it looks like and besides, Martha Stewart was not around.  Yes, the dough was too thick; yes, I probably should have used more sauce; yes, I could have used more cheese but it was just so good I ate 4 slices.  I won't be making pizza again for about 10 days...that's how long the dough will last but, now that I'm experienced, I'm counting on close to flawless results next time.

Well, the smoke alarm didn't go off, the fire extinguisher did not have to come out and I think I just heard Ol' Bess sigh.  She's finally cooling down.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmm your pizza looks delicious - Ol' Bess has done you proud :)
    Stay inspired!

  2. Oh dear... mmmmm, looks SO good! My kitchen is quite dated, but still clean and serviceable, it'll do!

  3. OMG! that is to die for.. pizza.. on homemade dough.. Sigh.

  4. Yay for Ol' Bess! That pizza is making my mouth water!

  5. Venho aqui retribuindo a visita que fizeste ao meu blog. Realmente sua pizza parece estar deliciosa...
    Abraços e bom final de samana...

  6. oh, i feel your pain, hon! our oven is circa 1977(?) as is the whole kitchen. but that doesn't stop me! glad to see you're the same! that pizza looks delish!! on occasion we make a homemade pizza outdoors on the grill...hmm, i think you're given me tomorrow night's dinner menu. ;o)

  7. That looks fantastic... there's still life in the old girl xx (the oven) ;-) xx

  8. Looks fabulous -- glad ol' Bess didn't let you down. :)


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