Friday, April 13, 2012


of this Holy Week as I and fellow Orthodox Christians prepare for Easter...
Pussy Willows from Palm Sunday, April 8, 2012
The Holy Gospel - Holy Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fr. David Garretson, Ss. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church
South River, NJ

Parishioners hold candles throughout the Holy Thursday service.  It's an old custom to try and get home with your candle still lighted.  If you succeed, you will have good luck throughout the year.

I made it!
A collection of pysanky eggs passed down through the family.
And now it's time to bake the babka, color the eggs, bake the ham, and make the potato salad.
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Glad you made it home with your candle! The pussy willow shot is gorgeous!

  2. Nice shots. You always have great angles.

  3. A beautiful tribute to the season! Happy you made home with your lighted candle, Happy Easter!

  4. Beautiful shots! I especially love the purple and yellow robe you've captured. I assume the shutter noise wasn't noticeable on your D7k? That's always my concern when I take pictures inside a church. Once reason I don't use flash anymore. Don't want to disturb folks around me or make the person standing next to me jump. Enjoyed your post. Happy Easter!

    1. I used a 50mm 1.4 wide open and I still had to bump up the was so dark in the church at night. When I blew up the photos, the noise was visible. For the most part, I was satisfied BUT I have a lot to learn. At 1.4 I lost a lot of dof and had to be careful what I focused on. Practice, practice, practice!

  5. Thanks for sharing a very colorful tradition.

  6. beautiful captures. thank you for sharing this lovely holiday with us. the pysanky eggs are gorgeous works of art!

  7. Lovely photos of Orthodox Easter... love those eggs!

  8. babka .. sigh .. and those eggs are just gorgeous .. so glad it was a lovely holiday celebration and go you getting that candle home still lit!


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