Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let's roll! ...

Note:  Photography was only permitted by the Press.
I was able to snap these with a point & shoot while a security guard kindly turned his back.
The leader board just before game 50, the position round.
This past week I had the great fortune to be handed two VIP passes to the PBA 69th U.S. Open.  What a lot of people don't know about me is that I'm an avid bowling fan.  I may not know all the new bowlers on the circuit but I do love the game.

Up until about 3 or 4 years ago, before the nearest lanes (Mid State Lanes) were turned into yet another health club, I bowled in two leagues during the season and one league in the off-season and I often subbed.  These lanes were the 'home away from home' for many local bowlers and everyone knew each other.  As secretary to the last Friday night league that bowled in that house, I can honestly say I made some life-long friends, met some really interesting and fun people, and learned a lot about this game.

ESPN sets up for TV cameras.
I'm now president of the New Brunswick Women bowling league at Carolier Brunswick Zone and we are probably looking at our last season on the lanes...all this due to lack of interest and a dwindling membership.  This is really a shame since this league is the oldest women's league in the state.  When we finish this season, this league will have existed 69 years!

VIP seating for Sunday's televised play.

So I found it very fitting that I was able to get to watch the pros at the 69th U.S Open last night at Brunswick Zone.  Since it was the last night before the TV cameras rolled in on Sunday for the finals, the place was packed but I did manage to watch some famous names.  I had a great view of Norm Duke (never knew how small he was) and Chris Barnes (a guy with one 'interesting' temper) as well as the local favorites Rusty Thomsen from Morgan NJ and Bill O'Neill from Southampton PA, each with their own entourage.  And it was great to watch the two-handed delivery of Osku Palermaa from Finland as well as the one lone woman bowler Missy Parkin from California, who made history as the first woman to make match play finals.

This photo taken during the winter of 2011.

Enjoy the stepladder finals on TV today and, as you cheer for your favorite, be it Peter Weber, Mike Fagan, Ryan Shafer, or Jason Belmonte, give some serious thought to picking up a bowling ball.  It's great fun and fabulous exercise....after all, my lead-off bowler on my team last season was 90 years old, often beat me, and is still bowling!


  1. What a fun experience!

  2. Curiosas fotos. Un beso desde Murcia..seguimos..

  3. Bowling is an under appreciated sport

  4. I loved learning this about you, Helene. Awesome!

    I was in a league last year (my first time,) but opted out this year due to back issues. It was really fun.

  5. Dear Helene,
    You were the winner of my Shutter Sisters drawing, but I'm afraid an email snafu caused me to lose the address that Kristin sent on to me. If you'd be so kind as to send me your snail mail address @, I'll get your lucha out to you today.

  6. Wow you have had a lot of neat things going on...bowling is fun

  7. I love bowling it's my choice of sports when I was working in the mid-90's. Great shots for point-and-shoot. Happy weekend and thanks for the visit.


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