Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm celebrating today.

Celebrating life...
Today I had a physical and my blood pressure was normal.  Yes, I know I have to have my hearing checked and I know I have to have a stress test done, but 120/70 is such a lovely number.

Big Red at the kitchen window feeder.
Cannot wait for a new window!

Celebrating a win...
Yesterday, the annual employee art exhibit was judged and I placed 3rd.  I was surprised and thrilled.  Make sure to take a look at the Photo Exhibit page for details.

Whoa, I think she's got more seed in there!

Hey everybody, don't leave, she's got more seed!

Lady, can you hurry it up with that fresh seed!  I've got hungry kids at home!

Celebrating love...
I came upon this flash mob link through a Facebook friend and absolutely loved it.  Hope you enjoy as well!
Flash Mob Proposal

Jasmine blooming in the office...a heavenly scent.
So hard to photograph...these blooms were hanging out into the atrium from the 3rd floor.

Don't forget, if you keep smiling, the sun will come out!  Happy Friday!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleeping well...

Or is it ‘sleeping good?’ Hmmmm, if you were to ask someone how they slept last night you wouldn’t say ‘Did you sleep good last night?’ You would say ‘Did you sleep well last night?’ But, at the same time, you would say ‘I got a really good night’s sleep last night,’ not ‘I got a well night’s sleep last night.’ An English major I am not but that doesn’t matter here. What matters is that I’m finally sleeping, most nights, through the night – not waking up, not tossing and turning, no terrifying dreams – just sleeping. Hooray!

This has not come without a good deal of time, talk, and management. The cause of the sleepiness is finally gone out of my head, out of my spirit and I rejoice. The intruder who entered my home almost 5 months ago is no longer. Yes, he’s still out there but he’s not ‘here.’

So I address this to you, that guy who entered my home at 4 AM and wreaked havoc in my life BUT only for a short time. Listen up!

You do not have my home.   It is mine.

 You cannot make me insecure.   I am secure.

You found a weak point and took advantage.   There are no more weak points.

You cannot have my sanity.   I have too great a hold on it.

 You ran when I confronted you.   I won.

 Listen up!   I WON!


And, as far as how you’re sleeping…in this instance, ‘good’ is an adjective while ‘well’ is an adverb. I have to say, I slept well last night. VERY WELL! Thank you.
Good morning!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kodak moments...

A Weekly Top Shot Entry

We've all had them; those Kodak moments.  Remember those wonderful commercials that always made you cry.  I especially recall The Times of Your Life from 1977, the year my son was born.  Another that really got me weepy was the 2005 Kodak Gallery commercial.  This version is lengthy but worth taking a look.

Today I spent some time having a 'Kodak moment' with a vintage circa 1947 Kodak Duaflex camera a friend graciously loaned me.

You know, even though Kodak may soon be no longer, I suspect we will still have 'Kodak moments.'  I could not imagine describing the times of our lives anyother way.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's done!

A 'Weekly Top Shot' entry...

To all my fellow bloggers who posted...Thanks for all the encouragement!  I actually managed to re-post all the pictures I deleted several days ago.  The last one got done at about 12 midnight last night.  It got a little hairy towards the end when I approached January of 2011, the time I began this blog.  Finding some of those photos, taken with a camera I no longer have and all filed off on a portable exterior drive, was tedious to say the least.  BUT, it's done!  Yippee!

I know this took time that I could have used to do other things BUT there were actually some pluses to this exercise.....I got to revisit photos I'd totally forgotten about, reflect on the past year, and examine how my photographs have changed over the months.  I think that's pretty cool!  And I'm glad I didn't loose my cool.  It's done!

A beach scene from Cancun...I needed something serene.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, the humanity! ... announced by Herbert Morrison as the Hindenburg went down, this is what I moaned as I noticed all the photos in my blog were gone.  How could this have happened?!  What is going on?!  Was I hacked?!  Well, after talking to a friend, we surmised that it had to be me deleting photos in Google+.  Who knew?!

When I got into G+ there were all these photos of mine.  I didn't recall posting them there and just thought nothing of hitting that delete button.  Ugh!   There was no warning, no bells and whistles went off, no little window asking if I really, really wanted to do this - nothing to tell me 'Think Twice Before Hitting That Button!'  So, I've been spending the last several days going through old posts and attempting to match up photos.  Why?  Hmmmm, not exactly sure but I am a person who loves things when they are complete.  Just hate doing a job only half way or partially.  What can I say?  I'm anal!

And while this is going on, I'm preparing for the annual Employee Photo/Art Exhibit at the office and trying to get some photography in and taking care of family and working.

Can't wait until things get back to normal!  I need NORMAL!  We all do.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Flash Dance

The original box with seven of the original flash bulbs.
I've developed a habit of snooping when I visit my Mom.  I suspect, years ago, it was the other way around and she was snooping through my drawers.  But now, it's my turn.  This is not without purpose.  At the age of 95, my Mom has a habit of placing important papers or mail in spots she does not frequent and then there's my need to keep important documents  or pieces of family history or bills from being misplaced or destroyed.  So there you have it...a method to my madness.

On a recent visit I came across these old Westinghouse flash bulbs. They are probably about 45 years old.  You remember these right?  They are the ones that, when they went off, you were blind for at least the next three hours.  As I examined these and the box they were stored in, I recalled how my father was a bit of a photography fan.  There was always some type of camera around.  The last one I recall was a movie camera that shot 16mm film.  We had boxes of reels...footage of my brother and me walking home from school, a dance recital, a local fire, the local boat club, snow.  My father died when I was 12, my brother was 9, so the memories are not really vivid but, as I looked at these flash bulbs and thought about Daddy and his camera, a light bulb went off in my head.  No one in my family has shown a real passion for photography...or so I thought, until now.

Needless to say, these flash bulbs are going nowhere other than a safe place.  They are a link to my father and a passion we share.  Daddy, I cannot thank you enough.   Miss you...XOXOXO