Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Only 5 minutes!?....I'm so there!

2 loaves - one to keep and one to give to mom
Growing up, I vividly recall the hours and great effort my mother put into baking bread - especially for the Easter holiday.  It wasn't just any bread, it was Russian Easter babka that would be blessed along with a number of other food items that were not to be eaten until after the Resurrection.  As the years have gone by, my mother is no longer able to create that wonderful bread; she is unable to read that old handed-down recipe because of failing eyes and her arthritic hands just can't manage to knead that great bowl of dough over and over again to get that just-right consistency.  It's a sad turn of events...bread is a staple in the Russian culture but especially important during the Easter holiday and she took great joy in it's creation.
Nooks and crannies

So, when I came across a reference to artisan bread in 5 minutes a day via a wonderful blog I follow (Chronicles of a Country Girl), I could not help but get excited.  You see, aside from the fact that my time is limited, I'm not one to stand over a kitchen counter, repeatedly kneading and pounding dough just to have it fall flat in the oven.   Artisan bread you can create in 5 minutes a day...too good to be true, right?  But, after taking a look at the cook book, I could not pass up giving this a try.

This project did not go without some effort.  I made sure I had fresh flour (yes, I haven't baked in some time) and fresh yeast and I was glad to find that old pizza stone hidden behind the cookie sheets.  The results were wonderful!  Aside from that heavenly smell of fresh baking bread throughout the house, the finished product was not just beautiful to look at but just so delicious.
Get the butter, quick!

With Thanksgiving dinner around the corner, maybe you'd like to give this a try but, be warned, the book specifically states you should not cut into the bread until it's thoroughly cooled.       I dare you not to!


  1. Yummy that looks good! Going to look at this book. Thanks for the info! Happy Wednesday1

  2. Looks wonderful, I'm sure it smelt and tasted amazing!

  3. Your breads look yummy! Will have to give it a try soon. :-)


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