Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A walk in the woods...

Location:  Davidson's Mill Pond Park
East Brunswick, NJ

The last time I walked through these woods was about a year ago and that was actually the first time I walked through these woods. Are you following me? Maybe you shouldn’t…you’ll only get lost!

                                                                                 Tall trees along the trail.....

 Life on the damp forest floor.....

I am not a hiker in any sense of the word…but I’m getting better. Last year I learned, AFTER my hike, that the trail is marked by posts with white tips. I also learned that the trail is covered with leaves in the fall making it really difficult to follow - especially if you can't find those posts.  You can imagine my confusion when I turned around after photographing something only to find that I could not find the trail and all the trees and leaves looked the same.

Kim and Joe were here.....

This year, the white-tipped posts are all gone. I didn’t realize this until I traveled a distance down the trail. Fortunately, a kind knowledgeable hiker explained that, for whatever reason, the posts had been removed and replaced by markings on the trees. Two markings, with one elevated to the right, indicates the trail bears off to the right; if elevated to the left, it bears off to the left. Three markings in the form of an inverted triangle indicate you’ve come to a fork in the trail and it’s decision time. And I also learned it gets pretty cool beneath the trees when the sun goes down…logical right? I told you I was not a hiker!

Colors along the shore line.....                                                                              


The fall colors have not really shown themselves much in central Jersey. I found a tree, here and there that stood out among the green and brown but, for the most part, we are still waiting. I suspect the erratic weather did a number on Jack Frost’s paint pallet and, if and when we do see the reds, oranges, and golds burst forth, it will be very short-lived. Most likely, the winter winds will make a surprise appearance one cold night and knock what color there is off the trees. It will either be that wind or that same person or thing that removed those posts along the trail.

Decisions, decisions....left or right?
When you take your walk in the woods, I hope you catch some warm autumn colors to brighten your cool days and, when you come to the fork in the trail, I hope you choose the path with the most sun. And don’t forget to take a sweater!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Talk, talk, talk, talk.....MUSIC!

I listen to a lot of talk radio.  It goes on at around 6 AM; it’s with me in the car on the way to work as well as through numerous errands.  I basically listen for traffic and weather during the week and then there’s the entertainment value during the weekends.  But sometimes I think there’s too much talk.  The VJs are bombarding you with political rants or sports chatter or some other drivel.  And then there are the social stations yakking it up about who is dating whom in Hollywood or who just got beat up or arrested.  This is followed closely by all those doctors who will take your call and help you solve all your most personal and life-altering problems in just 5 minutes.

Late yesterday realized I had not listened to my IPOD in ages so, during the morning commute, I hit the media button.  Suddenly I was surrounded by Trace Adkins, The Temptations, Lady Antebellum, Aerosmith, David Garrett, and Brooks & Dunn.  The commute magically changed.  It was no longer a traffic jam with cars vying for better positions but a dance…allemande left, grand right and left.  The highway became a black satin ribbon weaving its way past the college campus and along the river.  The storm clouds passing through took on a dramatic effect as the sun poked through.  Even the birds had a different attitude.

Music plays a big part in our lives.  It can alter our mood in a matter of seconds.  It can keep us in shape and get us through illness.  We fall in and out of love to its melody.  Its mathematical features can change our heart beat.  It’s the rhythm around our existence.  Don’t forget the music in your life!

Photos:  CB Radio at The Brook,
              Boundbrook, NJ