Friday, September 23, 2011


A Macro Flowers Saturday entry...See: Macro Flowers Saturday    AND
A Weekend Flowers entry...See: WeekendFlowers           (please click on each photo to enlarge)

The garden is gone...tomato plants pulled, cucumbers pulled, flowers cut back.  As I went about my work this past weekend, I kept thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was way too early to get rid of everything.  However, when you work, you need to do things efficiently so I proceeded to cut.

But, as I rounded the corner of the garden with my new long-handled clippers, there stood one single Stella de Oro Daylily.  Pristine, no bugs, no marred petals - just perfect.  Out came the camera, the tripod, and my new macro lens and the clipping and cutting and pulling took a backseat for 45 minutes while I marveled over Mother Nature's beautiful work.
And then some clouds rolled in and evening came and that chill filled the air.  You know THAT chill...the one that says 'I'm here to stay for awhile' and 'You better think about bringing your sweaters down from the attic' and 'Do you have an extra blanket ready for tonight?'  The thought hit home that those days of ultra-warm sun, summer blue skies, and long hours of daylight were quickly coming to an end.  Sort of depressing, huh?  But aren't you glad we have photos to recall all this beauty!

Farewell mellow yellow, so long Stella...I will see you in the spring.....clip.


  1. This is indeed so pretty and I love how yellow it is. Just gorgeous!

    Macro Flower

  2. Beautiful macros. I love the details and the mellow yellow tones.

  3. I love this shining yellow! Thanks for this wonderful Weekend Flowers :)

  4. How lucky to find a lily in bloom this late in the year. Cold has come here too. Blah.

  5. Beautiful. I sure do know that chill although we were blessed with another warm day yesterday. A bit of a reprieve before the change...

  6. Beautiful photos and a nice story. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy using your new macro lens too.

  7. I still have a few Stellas blooming, along with some other plants that just haven't given up yet.

    Congrats on your new lens, Helene! How fun! :)

  8. Beautiful macro photos.

    Regards and best wishes


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