Monday, September 5, 2011


Keys from that special drawer.

Key to the front door, key to the back door, garage key, bicycle lock key, key to the shed, key to the safe, lock box key…did you ever notice how many keys you accumulate over time?

Antique key from Gettysburg purchased on a visit long ago.

I bet, if you went to that special drawer in the kitchen, you’d find at least five keys. Do you know what they’re for? These keys lay there, doing nothing, until, for some reason, you need to open a shed or a suitcase or a back hall closet. Then they come to life in your hands as you fumble through the key ring or box or chain trying each one to see if it fits that lock. It’s a lot like that glass slipper the prince pushed onto so many feet. Hopefully, you come across the one and only that fits that lock like Cinderella’s foot fit that slipper. And if you don’t, where do these keys go? Back into that drawer of course. After all, you never know if one of these keys is going to fit the next locked door you need to open.

Keys my realtor handed me 20 years ago.
The skeleton key I actually have used on interior doors.
The previous owner only knows what the others are for.

There is only one key you will not find in that drawer. You can’t put your hands on it, it won’t fit any car door, and you can’t have a copy made. And don’t lose it – you should only passed it to someone who will care for and guard it. After all, the key to your heart is irreplaceable.

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