Friday, September 9, 2011


A Macro Flowers Saturday entry...See: Macro Flowers Saturday
(please click on each photo to enlarge)

The only way I can remember the name of this flower is to think of the word clavical.  It's one of the few things I recall from my 7th grade science class; clavical, the collar bone.  Wow, I knew that class would come in handy one day!

This plant belongs to a friend in the office.  I understand that it only blooms once a year and I've been lucky to catch it two years in a row.

I've photographed it both times and it seems I always have difficulty.  I either can't decide what angle is best or, if my depth of field is so shallow, I'm fighting to decide what part of the flower to focus on.  All this indecision only results in about 100-200 photos of the same plant.  But, I'm not complaining - it's all a labor of love.  Love the flower, love the color, love the spectical it creates that one week that it graces us with its blooms.

Thank you beautiful clavical; I mean clavia!


  1. Every shot tells a story. Each is beautiful. Nicely done.

  2. You do great with flowers. Great shots.

  3. Each one is beautiful....the last is my favourite. Wonderful light, colours and clarity.

  4. The last one is definitely my favorite.

    Funny how we associate one word with another to help us remember things. :)


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