Friday, August 5, 2011

The Master Gardeners - a Macro Flowers Saturday entry...

See: Macro Flowers Saturday

What a fabulous day!  Not only was I off from work and the weather was great, but I spent the morning at Davidson's Mill Pond Park and got to meet some really interesting gardeners - the Master Gardeners, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Middlesex County ( ).  The group was working diligently in the large garden but members took time out to show me around and explain their program.

I was really intrigued by their Circle of Thyme Herb Garden and spent much of my time there photographing and looking at the unique display.  The herb garden is a circle within a circle with 13 individual gardens targeting specific categories.  You can find anything from Octoberfest Brats & Brews which includes "German Beer" radish, caraway, and blackhart barley to The Passover Meal which includes horseradish, parsley, and eggplant.  There is even a garden called Scratch Off which includes herbs to "ditch the itch" where you'll find balsam, catnip, borage, and lavender growing.

While all this growing is going on, you're surrounded by butterflies and bees actively going about their business.  In fact, they were so active, it was difficult to photograph them.  And, in addition to the feast for the eyes, the herbs give off a wonderful fragrance.
Well, since my tomatoes did not fair so well this year and the strawberries were non-existent, maybe I should seriously take a chance with herbs in 2012.  I believe I'll have to consult the Master Gardeners.


  1. These are beautiful pictures. Lucky you to have the day off and a wonderful place to go with your camera!

  2. The blue flowers are amazing, but that last shot took my breath away.

  3. What a fun way to spend a day. Really beautiful captures.

  4. A lovely collection of very bright flowers.

  5. What a day! Such a garden id the photograpfers paradise, I'm sure you came home with lots of photos.
    These here are wonderful captures, the blue flower in the second shot is wonderful and the rest of the photos as well.

  6. Beautiful flower pictures! The blue flowers are absolutely stunning!


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