Friday, August 26, 2011

Impatiens...Not Impatients

A Macro Flowers Saturday entry...See: Macro Flowers Saturday
(please click on each photo to enlarge)

I've always it impatiens or I did my research.  But I think I prefer to call them the 'Come-Back Kids' because, every time I forget about them, it just takes one watering and they come back to life.  I was really concerned when I was away for a week.  They looked so sad when I returned but, once again, one watering is all it took and they were back.

Right now this plant is due for a good trim but, I think I'll wait until after Hurricane Irene leaves town.  I suspect she is going to do a number on most of the flowers and plants and I will be cleaning up more than the planter of impatiens.  Hopefully, Irene will not stay long and wreak too much havoc on us.

Can't wait to see the sunshine on Monday!  But right now, I have to be patient...or is it patiens?


  1. Beautiful macros, each one is excellent. I hope you are all safe over the next few days too.

  2. Beautiful white flowers!
    I like them too!

  3. Beautiful shots! Impatiens are my favorite. Keep safe and take lots more pictures. ;-)

  4. Each is a gorgeous, powerful shot.

    Stay safe. We're getting hunkered down.

  5. Pure white and translucent in the lovely!

  6. So beautiful! I especially love the selective focus on the third one.

  7. This is my first time to see a pure white impatiens. Looks like it smell sweet. ^_^ Great shots!

    Blanket Flower

  8. They are very beautiful and your photos are wonderful.

    I hope Irene loses some of its strength and won't do much damage.

    My thought are with you and yours take care!

  9. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  10. Love these macros! Amazing these blooms look so fresh this time of year. I hope Irene did not treat you or your impatiens badly, Helene.

  11. Lindas essas suas flores brancas. Muito alvas e delicada.


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