Friday, August 26, 2011

Impatiens...Not Impatients

A Macro Flowers Saturday entry...See: Macro Flowers Saturday
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I've always it impatiens or I did my research.  But I think I prefer to call them the 'Come-Back Kids' because, every time I forget about them, it just takes one watering and they come back to life.  I was really concerned when I was away for a week.  They looked so sad when I returned but, once again, one watering is all it took and they were back.

Right now this plant is due for a good trim but, I think I'll wait until after Hurricane Irene leaves town.  I suspect she is going to do a number on most of the flowers and plants and I will be cleaning up more than the planter of impatiens.  Hopefully, Irene will not stay long and wreak too much havoc on us.

Can't wait to see the sunshine on Monday!  But right now, I have to be patient...or is it patiens?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh, those Wildwood days...

wild, wild, Wildwood days...

Wildwood, NJ - coastline

The carosel at Morey's Pier, Wildwood, NJ

I just had a great week in Wildwood with my family.  In fact, up until last Saturday, I had forgotten how much I actually love the Jersey shore.  Yes, I know, there are tons of people and lots of noise but then you have Kohr's Ice Cream, french fries with vinegar, pizza, fresh lemonade, breakfast for 99 cents, sun, sand, surf, more colors than you can imagine and all of this lights up when the sun goes down.  What's not to like!  It's all part of the experience.

With only about 1 1/2  drizzly days, we were able to pack in as much of this shore experience as possible.  The kids loved the rides, the games, and the arcade so much so, there were usually tears when it was time to end the day.
The Great White, Wildwood, NJ

Arcade Game Detail
Wildwood, NJ

So now, after being home about 4 days, I am looking at a total of 400+ photos to weed through and trying to ruthlessly delete all those that are duplicates, poorly focused, and over or under exposed.  But it's so difficult to part with memories of great days and a wonderful experience.

The Big Wheel, Wildwood, NJ
I hope you're having some great days and wonderful experiences as this summer draws to a close. Make sure you take some photos to capture the memories.

End of the Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Master Gardeners - a Macro Flowers Saturday entry...

See: Macro Flowers Saturday

What a fabulous day!  Not only was I off from work and the weather was great, but I spent the morning at Davidson's Mill Pond Park and got to meet some really interesting gardeners - the Master Gardeners, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Middlesex County ( ).  The group was working diligently in the large garden but members took time out to show me around and explain their program.

I was really intrigued by their Circle of Thyme Herb Garden and spent much of my time there photographing and looking at the unique display.  The herb garden is a circle within a circle with 13 individual gardens targeting specific categories.  You can find anything from Octoberfest Brats & Brews which includes "German Beer" radish, caraway, and blackhart barley to The Passover Meal which includes horseradish, parsley, and eggplant.  There is even a garden called Scratch Off which includes herbs to "ditch the itch" where you'll find balsam, catnip, borage, and lavender growing.

While all this growing is going on, you're surrounded by butterflies and bees actively going about their business.  In fact, they were so active, it was difficult to photograph them.  And, in addition to the feast for the eyes, the herbs give off a wonderful fragrance.
Well, since my tomatoes did not fair so well this year and the strawberries were non-existent, maybe I should seriously take a chance with herbs in 2012.  I believe I'll have to consult the Master Gardeners.