Saturday, July 2, 2011

UV Index 9...

Yesterday was the first day of a week+ long vacation but I was up at 4:30 AM.  It was not because I couldn't sleep but because I had a 20 minute drive ahead of me.  About a week before I spotted a location that would afford an unobstructed view of the sunrise.  This was like finding gold - after all, how many places are there in central Jersey where your view is not pierced by a telephone pole or cell tower or cut in half by electric and cable lines.

The air was cool, the sky was cloudless, and, except for some early walkers and seagulls, I had the view to myself  -  a view that changed from minute to minute, a view that you cannot buy, a view to the beginning of a new day.
Click on each photo to enlarge.
Outerbridge Crossing to Staten Island - 7/1/11, 5:09 AM

Here it comes - 7/1/11, 5:34 AM

UV Index 9 - get out the sunscreen - 7/1/11, 5:41 AM

The sun bounces off the bay lighthouse as a lone boater skims across the open water - 7/1/11, 5:46 AM

The townhouses along the bay are turned to gold as the sun rises above the horizon.
What a view to wake up to every morning!
7/1/11, 5:56 AM
Was I insane getting up at 4:30 AM on a vacation day? Yep   Was I tired? Yep   Am I still tired? Yep     Was it worth it?  Yep    Would I do it again?  Yep - After all, I need photos with clouds!

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  1. You did it, Helene! Not only the getting up at 4 a.m--that takes determination--the photos are absolutely fabulous. Worth a little less sleep.


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