Saturday, July 16, 2011

Go Home...a Macro Flowers Saturday Entry

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Lilacs in the backyard - blooming for the second time this season.
Ever get stuck? It could be a 'simple' stuck like not being able to complete the day's crossword puzzle or an 'involved' stuck like being unable to decide on a career path. Or it could be an 'emotional' stuck like being unable to move physically or mentally after some traumatic event. Getting stuck isn't fun unless, of course, you're stuck in some great fun place.

I used to get stuck bowling - yea, I know, 'simple' stuck but stuck nonetheless. I'm an avid bowler. I said avid, I did not say good.  There were so many times I would get stuck, sort of in a slump, and take it very seriously to the point of being unable to get unstuck. I'd adjust my approach, change speed, alter my swing and nothing would work. Then someone, near and dear, gave me some great advice....when you are having a bad game, when you're stuck; go back to basics. Shake off all those things you've heard and read that are supposed to improve your game and bowl like you were just starting out fresh. To simplify...go home. Go to what is familiar, comfortable, natural and don't make any effort to make any changes, don't make any decisions. Go back to basics, just let it happen - go home.

Rutgers Gardens - Echinacea waiting for the bees.
Over time, I've realized this is not only great advice for the lanes or any other sport for that matter but it works in lots of other stuck situations.  Lately I've been stuck in the middle of technical stuff - reading, researching, staring at a computer screen with Photoshop starring back.  Stuck.

So I decided to 'go home' - to go to that familiar place, enjoy the surroundings, take photos of what I am comfortable with, go back to basics.  'Home' in this instance is Rutgers Gardens and my own backyard - familiar, comfortable, quiet, serene.  It was great to break away from 'stuck.'

Take a deep breath and Go Home! Find the 'familiar,' covet the 'cozy,' surround yourself with the 'serene' of your life. The answer will find you, calmness will reign, a light will turn on - maybe not right away but it will happen - and, in the meantime while you're waiting, sit back, relax and enjoy home.

It's always good to go home  - 
no matter where it is.


  1. ....wunderschöne Blüten....
    LG: Karin

  2. Amazing photos, the last one is my favorite.

    Please link back from your post to Macro flowers Saturday.

  3. thank you for getting me unstuck.

  4. Que lindas flores! A Última é maravilhosa!

  5. Stunning pictures! Love the colors and flowers you've captured. :)


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