Thursday, June 16, 2011

Right in my 'backyard'...

2 Macro Flowers Saturday entries...

Actually the 'backyard' I'm referring to is a sitting area right outside my office building.  Yesterday's weather was so unbelievably beautiful I just couldn't help but inhale my lunch and head outside with my camera.  I even pushed the envelope and lingered longer than the customary one hour.  Can you blame me!

I found these flowers growing around a reflecting pool.  At 2 PM, the bright overhead sun came through the surrounding trees showing these beauties as if they were center stage, in the spotlight.
I was even lucky enough to catch that little bee (below) coming in for a late lunch.


  1. Great shots, those are beautiful flowers. The little bee in a great addition.

  2. That's an amazing shot! And can't blame you, the nature makes you more very productive after you take a look at them. Thanks for sharing!

    Macro flower

  3. Very beautiful photos! You are very good to use the ray of light! It is stunning.


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