Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekends should be 3 days long!

I’ve had little time to myself lately.  When this happens, I tend to make 'To Do'  lists of things I need to get done, to buy, to read, etc. because, if I didn’t, I’d forget at least half of those things.  And I’m not talking about major stuff here.  Those items on my list include doing the wash, sorting the recycles, and even having breakfast.  So I’m anal – but it’s just so good to go down the list and check off all those things, as mundane as they are, that you’ve done.

This past weekend my list covered 2.5 days (it began on Friday at 5 PM) and I probably checked off 75% of the items by Sunday night.  If had stayed focused on the tasks, I know I would have nailed the entire list but stuff happens – stuff  like a beautiful sunny day.  This is the one thing that interfered with the ironing.  Granted, it made finishing the garden possible but, after that was done, one thing lead to another and then the camera came out to play and took me in another direction entirely.  Thank you Mr. Sun!

Lists are great but a beautiful sunny day overrules anything you can put on that 'To Do' list!

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