Monday, May 16, 2011

The magic of the moon...

Bleeding Hearts coming up from the damp garden floor.
Don't you think we had one of the best weeks last week?  The temps were perfect, there were blue skys, no rain or humidity - and now, here we are, in the middle of what is great weather for ducks.  But, that's OK.  You just have to keep thinking of all those flowers that will be ready to burst once the sun comes back.
Delicate white flowers

Last week I took advantage of that great weather and made it to Rutgers Gardens two days in a row.  Getting out of jury duty slightly earlier than the rush hour traffic really was a big help in keeping my promise to get there at least once each week.  Not much is going on yet but I did manage to get some colorful shots.

Sunset through the ornamental trees

But the 'icing on the cake' was the early moon rising into a clear sky.  The moon never ever ceases to amaze me.  I can't figure out why.  When it changes color, it can be a magnificent ball of fire or a cold gray rock. Its shape changes constantly and you know, when it disappears altogether, it will be back.  Maybe it's like a little magic hanging up there - sometimes you see it and sometimes you don't.

And then there's that magical, mysterious pull it has. Yes, I think that's it - my camera and I are just pulled to it.

Can't wait for the clouds to disappear so we can feel the magic again.

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