Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's all about the light...

I'm a firm believer in 'me time' - absolutely gotta have it!  And, by the end of this weekend, I was due  -  even though the clock was running out and Monday  was just around the corner.  So, in an last-minute attempt to grab some 'me time,' I headed out walking late this afternoon to take care of some errands and try my hand at some street photography.

I've been following a blog in which the author has talked about 'shooting from the hip.'  Armed with my point & shoot, set in auto (I know, I'm cheating), around my neck but positioned right at hip-height, I had great hopes - great hopes of getting that shot of a decisive moment, or something or someone unique, or maybe a street fight (on a Sunday afternoon?  I think not!).

Well, the streets were pretty empty and those 'street photos' I was after were, in fact, just that - lots of photos of sidewalks and curbs.  One of these days I will get the knack of this.

But the trip was not a total loss.  As I came around a corner, I noticed how the setting sun did some beautiful things to some ordinary weeds; once again reminding me that it's all about the light.  The 'romance' of street photography is extremely attractive but it can't be denied that taking the time and making the effort to look for and capture that certain light is extremely satisfying.

Yes, it's all about the light.

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