Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camera passion...

The front porch
Anyone who is passionate about anything knows full well you’ve got to have cash to support your ‘habit.’  I’m not talking habits like drugs or alcohol or gambling here – these aren’t things one is passionate about.  These are things one is weakly addicted to.  What I’m talking about are those things that set off a healthy excitement or eagerness or keen interest that lasts throughout and ends in feelings of real accomplishment or satisfaction.  Such is the case with my interest in photography, my passion.

Way back on January 1, I made a commitment not to spend any money on clothes this year (except for shoes of course because, if your feet aren’t happy, it’s all downhill).  Well, tomorrow June begins and I’m proud to say, I’ve kept the commitment.  But, this has not been too difficult – after all, I’m not passionate about clothes.

Enter my camera equipment.  There are tons of things one can buy associated with this passion.  I can’t begin to tell you how many books I have (and I’ve actually read) on the subject.  And then there are the memory cards, lenses, filters, extension tubes, and on and on.  And then there is the endless search for the perfect camera bag.  I will not tell you how many camera bags I have – it’s just too embarrassing.  I will tell you I just got one that I’m really excited about.  It’s enabled me to carry my DSLR and extras with me almost all the time without dislocating my shoulder and it doesn’t look like a camera bag (Lowepro Passport Sling).  This is a major breakthrough.

Purple allium - growing in abundance at Rutgers Gardens
So, right now, the search for the perfect camera bag has ended – until some manufacturer comes up with something to tweak my passion.  I know that will be sooner than I think.  And one thing is certain, that commitment made on January 1 would never include my camera passion.

Be passionate about something – it makes life so much more exciting.
A dinner guest at Rutgers Gardens

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