Friday, April 15, 2011

What I Will Miss About Winter...

Yes, you read that correctly.  Your eyes are not failing you.  I did post the words 'miss' and 'winter' in the same sentence.  Pretty radical, huh?  Well, to be honest, I do like winter; not all of it, but a lot of it.

Yard work (or lack of) - I like the fact that I don't have to come up with an excuse and feel guilty about not going outside to get yard work done.  To clarify, I like yard work - the planting, the flowers, the vegetables, the birds, the bees but I can take a pass on the raking, picking up gifts dogs have left me, pulling weeds.  And cutting the grass (in my case, the weeds) - I now truly appreciate why people have lawn services.  This will be the second season in 19 years that I will have someone else cut the weeds once a week.  Believe it or not, last year I suffered from withdrawal when I fully realized I did not have to cut the grass every Saturday morning.  PS, I like shoveling snow.

Winter clothes - as I have grown older, so has my love of winter clothes - especially sweaters.  Think about how much summer clothes reveal.  It's just great if you're some 22 year old sporting a size 4 bod but, for most or many of us, after 50 the sweater is our best friend.

Less daylight - OK, I can hear you moaning right through the computer.  But, when the sun disappears earlier, I'm packing it in earlier.  I have a terrible habit of keeping late hours and I know this could easily be remedied by setting goals for when to hit the sheets but, honestly, how can you get to sleep when the birds are still singing and that magical hour to photograph has just arrived.
Hot chocolate - yes, I will miss hot chocolate; I am a big fan of this beverage.  To me, it is one of the supreme comfort foods.  Note, I said 'one of.'  My list of comfort foods is very long.  Many of them I don't even eat any more or, if I do, it's a rare occasion.  One day, in the winter when I have time during a snow storm, I will have to compile a list of my comfort foods - just to take stock in what I'm missing.  But, if I had to come up with just a few right now, the list would include donuts, cake (preferably birthday-type with butter cream frosting and lemon filling between yellow cake), oatmeal cookies - 2 surrounding French vanilla ice cream (it's got to be French vanilla, not that stuff with the vanilla beans dotted through it-yuck!), pizza with ground sausage and mushrooms - OK, that's enough!   But, back to the hot chocolate - it's got to have a decent size portion of whipped cream on top and, if I'm not in a hurry (rare!), I'd sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles or cocoa on top.

The last cup before summer? I think not! Now, where are those chocolate sprinkles?

So, now I've got to think of a replacement for this hot chocolate; something that is more in tune with the spring/summer season, something that I know I will miss when summer is over.  Got any ideas?

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